The lack of long term vision on a local scale …

Comment on Outback Way: $40m in NT over next three years by Trevor Shiell.

The lack of long term vision on a local scale is coming to the fore again.
Great concept, but who wants to enter Alice via a major National highway when with a little foresight and a small amount of additional money tourists from the Eastern States could come into town via The Pinnacles or Cattle Water Pass and the East Macs and thus open up a much underutilised area of our country.
If you don’t show it who is to know it is there? And that applies to a whole range of other investment opportunities here which are well hidden away from potential investors – particularly in the area of food production.
Ever heard of the Desert Pride project, Tamara dates, emerging quongdong etc. amongst another dozen or so investment opportunities well hidden away behind “development”? Where is the vision apart from housing estates?

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