Yes Robinoz! And maybe the prisoners could take over the …

Comment on Alice bakery to close by Julie Robertson.

Yes Robinoz! And maybe the prisoners could take over the old Police building when they move to Greatorex and run that too! What a silly comment.

Recent Comments by Julie Robertson

Ayers Rock Resort struggles to get local staff
Yes Geo1, because Geologists are everywhere and always such interesting people to have on a tour!

Ayers Rock Resort struggles to get local staff
I would prefer if the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) that own it, either pulled out or went broke.
They are admirable in trying to get Indigenous workforce and more importantly, local Indigenous people, but it has never worked down at Yulara and never will.
Somebody, somewhere is propping up the ILC purchase, as they clearly paid too much and need to be seen to being succeeding politically.
I’m all for helping out marginalised groups but surely there has to be a fair playing field. Why do you think that Yulara has shown a 200% increase in tourism over the last couple of years and Alice Springs is suffering?
When the experiment is over and all the skulduggery and under the table deals are discovered, we will see a return to normal. Ayers Rock Resort has always been and will always be an over priced, under performing disappointment to all Central Australians.
How many people do you know that come back and say it represents great value? Especially those unfortunate enough to pay $440 average per night when most of the time for that price you could get the Hilton in Sydney CBD.
You eventually reap what you sow Ayers Rock Resort, unless you are being helped along the way with funding, tax dodges and the never ending Marketing dollar!
Comments, please.

Magistrate ‘sick and tired’ of Liam Jurrah
My bet is that magistrate Trigg will probably get into trouble for saying something that most law abiding citizens all secretly or passionately gave a large cheer upon hearing!
What a strange world that we live in!

Massive makeover of showgrounds proposed
Two different stories in one Erwin!
Rob Clarke and the Retails putting Indigenous people into the work place. TICK!
Blatheskite park turning into this? You are having a laugh!
I hope to God it does but I would put all my money on it not happening. Why don’t the Hatzimihails buy an airline and get competition into Alice Springs. There is not enough population in Alice Springs to sustain this plan.
You can build what you like but unless either population grows or more visitors come, all of this development rubbish won’t and can’t work!
Unless of course you close the outback communities down and cater for the Indigenous.

Cops, cars pelted with rocks
I still think a water cannon would work, Charlotte!

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