I commend you, Paul, for saying it as it is. …

Comment on The plan to undermine the Land Rights Act by Anonymous.

I commend you, Paul, for saying it as it is.
I am a TO living in Central Australia in a remote community North East of Alice Springs.
We live in this community and have vast areas of land that we cannot do anything with due to the restrictions and red tape placed upon us by Land Council.
It is stifling any type of development preventing Indigenous people from developing and progressing in economic development.
More people need to stand up and speak out about these people who dictate the future of our people.
We need to develop private enterprise, economic development and home ownership.

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We agree whole heartedly with Arthur Bell. He has hit the nail on the head. These self elected dictators should go away and let people to speak up for themselves and take control of their own destiny.
Not have it driven and shaped by people who have failed their own people by trying to be the spokesperson for people oblivious to what “They” are up to – for personal gain no one else’s.

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