Well done, Steve Brown. It is great to see this …

Comment on Zoning approval for White Gums subdivision by Geoff.

Well done, Steve Brown. It is great to see this project has overcome the first major hurdle.
To all those backward anti development crowd, suck it up! I for one will look forward to the day when Alice breaks its stagnant shackles and grows to a reasonable size.

Recent Comments by Geoff

Chamber says ‘no’ to race based tender rules
I would would like to know why the Department of Lands and Planning are throwing aside their own procurement policy and are giving work away to “Indigenous’ organisations without an open tender system?
Then there is the Department of a Infrastructure who are on one hand stipulating very specific conditions for tendering then ignoring the assessment processes to take on the cheapest tender. Darwin is systematically destroying the industry by undermining the autonomy of the regional departments. No longer are the regions assessing the tenders so what we will end up with is contractors that have no capacity, no history, no local development and no chance of being a positive long term enterprise.
The slash and burn technique by this government is going to come back and bite them in the back side. I have spoken to three contractors in Alice Springs and they have said that the Department in Darwin are just taking the lowest tenders without any due process.
I do hope our Chief Minister looks into this otherwise much of his core support in the regions will be gone!

Govt job goes to head of liquidated firm
It’s the not the first time nor does it seem the last time.
If you remember Arrernte Council has been in administration at least twice, wiped off copious amounts of debt including to the Taxation Office and yet they are constantly given government work and much of this work is given outside the procurement process!
There’s another one for Alice News to check out!

The boom’s on its way!
Steve, thank you for standing up for what the majority of people are thinking.
The loudmouth minorities which are well represented below believe they have some God given right to lecture us on the future of our town.
I bet most of these people are part of that typical transient crowd that leave before they can become responsible for the mess they create. We need growth, the town has been stagnant for over a decade and so many businesses are suffering.
Adam Giles also needs to make sure that agencies such as the department of infrastructure provides some financial stability back to Central Australia.
A quick read of government expenditure indicates the Berrimah line is as thick as ever. The Giles government needs to realise that we cannot afford to be cut back any further and the slash and burn approach will add more pain to an already dire situation.

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