Stories told in jetty plaques

p2128-Streaky-Bay-pic-9By RAE BREWSTER
Correspondent in Streaky Bay, the closest beach to Alice Springs.


The Streaky Bay Jetty Pool committee is focussed not just on creating a safe environment for swimmers, but has come up with a quirky attraction.


Project Manager Sandie Desira and a great band of enthusiastic members of the committee headed by Georgina Elliot have placed 70 plaques on the edge of the jetty in April this year, with snippets of local history.


Another 76 plaques are in the production stage and hopefully will arrive in the next couple of weeks.


Raising more than $20,000 and lobbying the local District Council and Government for grants in the past three years, the committee began the project which has brought acclaim from Streaky Bay residents, the District and tourist from around the country.


They can now enjoy an interesting walk down the newly planked jetty to the safe swimming enclosure.


p2162-Streaky-Bay-plaque-2The specially treated engraved aluminium plaques on and under the jetty reflect the stories of local families, their life experiences and pleasures over the years.


The stories are varied and entertaining as well as recognising people and activities over the years.


A pontoon for the pool, costing about $10,000, is awaiting positioning at the present time. A great effort by all concerned.



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  1. Daryl Gray
    Posted November 13, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    These plaques are a lovely idea. Short, sharp and to the point. Great how each one these simple testimonies represents the living history of locals and a special place. A nice story.

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