Well done! I’m thinking of a Mind Body Spirit Festival during …

Comment on Alice tour firm wins awards in difficult times by Ming Lai.

Well done!
I’m thinking of a Mind Body Spirit Festival during December when it’s quiet in Alice.
Preferably hold the festival at the Aquatic centre so people can cool down as they wish?
Might bring some life back to Alice and raise the economy.
Anyone interested please contact me we can brainstorm? Ming.

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Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Thank you for all your comments.
For Ronald K. please check with me first before making such a remark, there is not a more qualified trainer and assessor than I am, and I did the job to educate, empower and enhance the lives of our people in the communities to better look after their elderly.
The 4WD safety course was promised to me during my telephone interview by head office, but was not adhered to by the manager here, in Alice, because he said the road was fine, last July when he went to that community and he had blown the budget for the last three months in a row. He had plenty of time to put me through the course, but was trying to save money and not my life.
So, don’t tough cookies, mate.

Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
Thank you for your comments.
As for Ronald Kirkman, I wish to ask him does he know any Registered Nurses with many years of experience in Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol, Counselling, Life Coaching, General Nursing, Cert IV in Community Services, Aged Care, Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Jungian Psychotherapy, Masters in NLP and Ph D in Metaphysics who has worked in Alice and knows and understand our Indigenous clients and communities, author, artist … who can do the job I did?
I would like to meet them, so don’t make passing remarks like this without meeting me.
The fact, that during my verbal phone interview, a 4WD safety course was promised to me or I would not have accepted the job.
I’ve worked in Mental Health and AOD in Alice and it is MANDATORY FOR TWO STAFF to go out to communities.

What leads to people thinking about suicide?
It’s Time! For wholistic healing of mind, body and spirit along Kanyini principles which Uncle Bob Randall talks about.
There needs to be generational deep healing. Young people are lost, they have not many role models for a healthier alternative and parents have lost their identities and connection with culture, land, spirit, roots and knowledge.
Holistic Social Anthropologist.

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