Look at Giles overall objective – the CLP will be …

Comment on Pipeline: Is Adam Giles loyal to NSW or the NT? by Janet Lee.

Look at Giles overall objective – the CLP will be beaten at the next election and he is preparing for his return to NSW, either to enter into state politics or a safe Federal seat. Who knows what deals he and Tollner have been doing, they really can’t get
off the political gravy train, can they?
So in advance, bye bye Adam and Dave – such a pair of evil twins who don’t really care about the Territory or their electorates!

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Jacinta Price spits dummy
Being from the Territory, its unfortunate I have not read the paper for some time – BUT I can agree with a greater portion of the blog’s response and say this with a firm conviction that Erwin is definitely a great journalist. If I was as a great writer as he, I would be happy and so too my lecturer.
As for Jacinta – what can one say – she certainly does not speak for me. The Sky News – the likes of Paul Murray, Peta Credlin and Andrew Bolt simply fawned over her and it was disgusting.
She certainly does not have the capacity to go onto a nation wide news broadcast. She needs elocution lessons and should learn to dress in a professional manner.
I feel, in my opinion all she was good enough was being a prop for background photographs with the likes of Turnbull and Morrison.

CAAAPU to get skilled board
If Peter McQuoid is really interested in putting a proper board into the CAAAPU organization, he needs to make sure that any proposed applicant is thoroughly vetted and not from the same old, same old groups, families and hangers-on.
Members of the communities need to be nurtured in order for them to get back to health and this includes the benefit of families to be involved in their well being.
But seriously, look at combining resources with the likes of Bushmob who have credibility and look at caring for the younger generation who unfortunately have developed the problem of both drug and alcohol.

CAAAPU under special administration
@ Kammare: Hi, to answer your question [you know who Phillip is].
Apparently there was a community meeting last Tuesday; unfortunately I couldn’t get across to it, otherwise I would have named and shamed the chair and board publicly and invited the media and politicians to witness the bullocking.
But then again, the Centralian Advocate wouldn’t go hard at them, the same way the Alice Springs News has and the three CLP pollies would be running for cover – after all aren’t they all talk and no action? Building their mini empires.
JUST REMEMBER it’s the taxpayers’ money that is keeping the fat cats rolling in their comforts.
And @ Concerned: Yes, CAAAPU has had some really decent staff but once again no leadership from the board, chair and CEO and administration is the answer in this case, politics has to be seen to shake up the organizations and not only this organisation BUT all the service providers in this area and especially the drug and alcohol unit at the AS Hospital base!

CAAAPU under special administration
ORIC have finally decided to investigate CAAAPU.
As a postgraduate from Sydney University’s School of Public Health and being Indigenous, I have long been a vocal opponent of CAAAPU’s CEO and board especially the Chair, having picked my brains and resources in setting up the clinic and outreach services to a standard that would get them the necessary accreditation.
I was given an undertaking I would have continuing contract work (I have over 30 years clinical and industry experience). These people have no credibility or substance. They sit on big money, first class travel, over the top travel allowances.
[Some] people have decimated my name within the local providers, I have not been able to pick up either a permanent or sessional position and I am probably among the few who are genuinely interested in the mob and trying to make their life and that of their families more bearable with lifestyle changes.
I sincerely hope that ORIC and the special administrator go through the organization like a triple dose of laxatives and that there should be a review of all the service providers: Why are both the Territory and Federal Governments giving funding? Is that fully accounted for?
Remember Phillip – what goes around, comes around. You did the wrong thing to me and others who have tried to assist you.
[ED – The Alice Springs News Online has offered CAAAPU and ORIC the right of reply.]

Magistrate ‘sick and tired’ of Liam Jurrah
@ Scotty and Kieran: With no disrespect to the Magistrate’s Court and the defendant, this sounded like a never ending circus.
True, true indigenous defendants who appear before the bench on matters have a hard time, and the reason why the jails are overcrowded, BUT both sides should start to show some respect.
A question which somebody could answer, why did Liam have a legal aid lawyer when he was represented previously by Jon Tippet?

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