I love a sunburnt country – a land of sweeping …

Comment on Locals made their point to G20 on climate by Another Observer.

I love a sunburnt country – a land of sweeping plains – of rugged mountain ranges – of droughtsand flooding rains …
This bunkum has to stop. It’s the climate, it changes and we as humans deal with it. The agenda of the climate gullibles would see more people living in poverty rather than use fossil fuels.
Further – if we are to reduce our emissions, then let’s have more dams for hydro, more shale gas or heaven forbid nuclear.
The age of seeming rather than doing is well and truly upon us.

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Locals made their point to G20 on climate
Bob – you need to stop watching the ABC and start to widen your research. The climate hasn’t warmed for the last 15 or 16 years. Does this mean it won’t warm again in the future, probably not.
But even my form 4 biology class told me that carbon dioxide is needed for all forms of plant growth, so more carbon in the atmosphere means more plants.
The shills out there spending $1 billion per day globally – think on what that money could go to: Lifting people out of poverty, creating opportunity – but no, we have the new jetsetters heading off around the world, sipping chardy to pontificate on the seeming not the doing!
With regards to solar – yes I have a problem with it.
We have the middle classes hoovering up more tax dollars putting solar panels on their roofs and pushing up the price of electricity for pensioners and others on fixed incomes.
If you want solar, pay for it yourself, don’t expect the taxpayer to subsidise your lifestyle.
Especially when we have oldies that are going to bed because they can’t afford to heat their homes, and our public hospitals are stretched to breaking point because there isn’t enough money to fund them.
You can’t lift people out of poverty with renewable energy – coal, nuclear and hydro are the only options for baseload power at this time.
The children doing homework by candlelight in the 3rd World TODAY don’t want renewable energy, they want the same facilities that you and I enjoy.
It is my right to post under any damn name I please.

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Wakefield ready for fight: affirms intention to acquire oval
Representative Government seems to have been left by the wayside.
#HowTheyRuleYa aren’t just words in a song anymore, it might be time for a reminder by doing away with the UniParty.
Wakefield ignoring the community is one thing, but I guess it isn’t as bad as Giles selling the NT out to the Chinese via the port of Darwin arrangements!

$20bn Sun Cable has national security risks, expert warns
I’d be a bit more worried about cadmium from broken panels leaching into the ground – doesn’t this sit over part of the great artesian basin?
I’m sure by now everyone has seen a whirly wind tearing up a solar farm.

Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain
Anecdotal I know, but on two recent occasions, I’ve sat outside one of the AC owned bottle shops and was quite shocked to realise that the only commonality of those who were pulled up and questioned by the bottlo monitor, was the colour of their skin.
From a group of young women, to tradies on the way home from work, to older people and middle aged women – the only constant was their skin colour. Not good enough, NT Government.

‘Big Council’ needed in times of trouble
There is a very good reason why the majority of voters, in the majority of states voted against the bill.
Perhaps it is time for the council to focus on roads, rubbish and parks and leave the rest of it to the other two levels of government that the poor taxpayer is groaning under.
At what point is too much government enough?

Rates may rise 3.5% but no civic centre swap in draft budget
Give us a bloody break – the council can’t even be bothered engaging local suppliers, but expect us to stump up year after year.
The poor taxpayer is funding how many levels of government? And for what?

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