Aboriginal art isn’t as popular or collectible as it once …

Comment on Culture: Alice sells itself short by Jill.

Aboriginal art isn’t as popular or collectible as it once was. Dot art has been done to death and despite some effort at reviving the Namatjira watercolour school, I don’t think that is going to take off either. Some Aboriginal artists are now doing mainstream stuff in preference to traditional art.
A generational change means a change of taste. Younger people don’t seem to decorate their homes like we did. They don’t buy original artwork.
Alice Springs is also changing and becoming more motor sport and event orientated.
It reminds me of my visit to Florence, Italy – the Renaissance produced magical stuff … but it’s something that doesn’t repeat.
I suspect the time of the great Namatjira art school and the famous dot painters will soon be relegated to history. And no amount of wishing (or financial investment) will bring those times back. What is past is past.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor