Alison, well said about the “rubbishing of people” and again …

Comment on Mining may trigger urban drift: national freedom meeting by #observer 2.

Alison, well said about the “rubbishing of people” and again its people like you that comes across as geuine
and should I say “grass roots”.
Yes, obviously you know what your dealing with and what general community expectations are out there when it comes to dealing with Aboriginal issues. Not these radical activists.
Rubbish you hear coming out of the mouths of some mislead misguided misinformed missed everything!

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Mining may trigger urban drift: national freedom meeting
What a waste of time money, effort and the resources, really. How many more meetings do you need that hasn’t already been said and discussed. I’ve got to agree the names mentioned at this summit meeting well need I say more! 🙁

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Tangentyere 2
In saying Tangentyere to be more trasnparent and not by choice is the key fundamentals and functioning of an Organisation and or Association.
This does provide funding providers and users on money / funding matters, allocations / purpose and justifies accordingly millions of dollars have gone through the doors of Tangentyere over the many years and its good to know exactly how and where its been used is commonly good practice? For CEO or Managers alike.
It’s a pity this didn’t happen years ago as it should have and then the public of Alice Springs and Town Campers actualy see the structure of a family empire and where it stands to hold then and into the future present day.
May cost money and time to have this done but it’s worth it instead of the unknowns where projects and grants acquitted or not? And why must this be a discrimination or a threat? Its audit is compulsary, is there something the public will find out about? Is that the issue of concern? Please do your job and for the interest of all who have a stake in Tangentyere.

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