Release fracking report before pipeline deals: ALEC



Sir – Chief Minister Adam Giles should immediately release the findings of the NT Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry handed to him late last week.


The inquiry investigated the environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and effectiveness of mitigation measures available within the Northern Territory.


The current legislation only requires inquiry reports to be provided to the NT Government, leaving it up to the government of the day to decide whether or not it should be released to the public.


Given the level of interest and concern expressed by Territorians, the findings should be made public.


The inquiry received 263 written submissions from individuals and organisations across the NT and here in Alice Springs close to 60 people attended a public hearing with Dr Allan Hawke, the Independent Commissioner of the Hydraulic Fracturing Inquiry, to raise their concerns about fracking.


We have already seen the potential for damage to the environment. In 2012, in one of the first fracking attempts here in the Territory, a well managed by Petrofrontier in the Southern Georgina Basin began to leak fracking fluid (water mixed with sand and an array of chemicals) through the well casing at the beginning of the fracking process. The operation was suspended and the well has since been abandoned.


Issues with well integrity are only one of the ways that the process of hydraulic fracturing can potentially contaminate groundwater sources, and show the need for strong environmental regulations to mitigate the risk associated with shale gas fracking.


Before talking about a fracking pipeline between Alice and Moomba, the government needs to be releasing and working on implementing the recommendations from this report.


Jimmy Cocking

Director Arid Lands Environment Centre

Tanya Hall,

Central Australian Frack-free Coordinator



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Jason
    Posted December 4, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I’m with you 100%. Let’s hear what the report has to say.
    Let a real balanced factual debate begin. Giles is too busy selling Teritorians out behind closed doors.
    Pushing hard for the gas industry and the pipeline before the report was even received.
    Giles publicly declared that he loves Santos. It is clear where his loyalties lie. Let’s look at who the risks affect and look at who gains the biggest benefit.

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