One of the many problems of our Government system is …

Comment on Sensible infrastructure for the NT? by Jason.

One of the many problems of our Government system is the four year term creates a very short sighted development plan.
TIO was a major Territory asset that gave us a degree of independence, power and security.
Sell that off to a world player who is getting a monopoly on the market and we may see down the line the true loss of this sale. Giles, with his cheesy smiles, and hand shake deal behind closed doors, may be more interested in his ego and his profile than the future of the Territory.
The fact that Giles is pushing so hard for fracking the Territory is another example of ego and glory because by the time our gas has been exported cheaply to overseas markets, and the money has gone, and the Territory has to deal with contaminated aquifers soil and many other social and environmental issues, Giles will be well set up well away from the mess he created.
California currently have major issues with billions of gallons of contaminated fracking water that illegally got injected in to the aquifers.
Smart countries like Germany and France have banned fracking following a European Commission which found that contamination to ground and surface water was of a high risk.
What does our government plan to do with the billions of litres of water contaminated with a cocktail of highly toxic chemicals, as a result of the proposed fracking?

Recent Comments by Jason

Release fracking report before pipeline deals: ALEC
I’m with you 100%. Let’s hear what the report has to say.
Let a real balanced factual debate begin. Giles is too busy selling Teritorians out behind closed doors.
Pushing hard for the gas industry and the pipeline before the report was even received.
Giles publicly declared that he loves Santos. It is clear where his loyalties lie. Let’s look at who the risks affect and look at who gains the biggest benefit.

TIO sold
Are we not getting off the subject? We are being sold out by our short sighted government. Giles is raping TIO one of our biggest assets giving the territory its independence and a level of control and power to Allianz who is gaining a world monopoly on insurance. Large corporations have huge power and control. At least with insurance companies there is less illusion that they are here for the people. This government seems to have no interest in upholding the illusion that they are here for us. Making life hard for the average person and doing sweet deals for big corporations. Many large businesses legally pay less tax than the average person.
Giles is talking about infrastructure investment but a big part of that is supporting his gas industry buddies. Rape one of our assets to help invest in raping our resources via a dangerous process called Fracking. Giles is selling us out. In 20 -30 years time we will be looking at having to deal with toxic waste lands polluted water ways for which our lively hood depends on. In California there is confirmation of billions of gallons of fracking water that has been injected into the aquifers. People are confirmed sick from living near to gas fields. Wake up teritorians our future is under great threat and our government is not looking to protect us. They are just after short term bucks!

Massive fuel price savings not passed on to Alice motorists
I am frustrated with the fuel prices in Alice in particular the LPG fuel which appears to be the lower quality propane instead of butane gas, and sold at exorbitant prices. I have a Prado which I purchased as dual fuel and I have noticed in Alice there is little advantage to LPG.
I was recently in Adelaide where the pump price was 52.8 cents a liter. Before discounts it cost me $34 to fill a 65 liter tank. Here in Alice the pump price is $1.109. I put $50 in and got just over half a tank. We are paying more than double for an inferior product, 58 cents per liter extra. Someone is profiting big time.
I have heard that fuel transport costs are closer to 2 cents a liter when you divide the cost buy the hundreds of thousands of liters you can fit on a triple semi. I have heard that the Granites get their tax free diesel delivered for about 50 cents a liter. More recently I heard that Pine Gap get there diesel delivered for about 70 cents a liter. Can we create a community petrol station where profits will directly benefit the community, and keep the other guys honest?

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