The fact is the Government can’t afford to promote tourism …

Comment on Full steam ahead on gas while tourism languishes by Greg Simon.

The fact is the Government can’t afford to promote tourism in Alice Springs and the Centre.
In order for visitors and locals to enjoy the benefits of recreation in the Great outback fully, the Government would have to supply each one at enormous cost with the following kit: A telescope (for viewing unapproachable ranges), a camera Telescopic lens for icons, a long range fuel tank (for unnecessary driving to negotiate restricted areas), pet minding booths, a pair of bolt cutters and/or barb wire cutters (and fence mender of course, a few new locks), a dossier of variety of permits, exemption from trespass, or just a helicopter.

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Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
I was confronted by AFP there as well, on my own, taking some photos in the park.
They know you’re there as a spy camera on the rocks to the west is aimed at the only parking spot in the carpark.
A satellite is also above and they also know when you turn into Hatt Road from the Stuart Highway.
So much for tourism.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
For someone maybe heading for government to say he knows nothing about what is going on in over half of the NT beggars belief!

Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan
@ Jacka: Exactly, this whole area should be excised from the pastoral estate and gazetted as common for the people (not cattle) so that people are the beneficiaries, not just a few with vested interests. Barbed wire fencing etc is an insult to us and the wide open spaces in this modern age of Wanderlust.

Developing a treasure: 10 year East Macs plan
The only reason it is a “treasure” is because it hasn’t suffered such “development” as envisaged by you.

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