The fact is the Government can’t afford to promote tourism …

Comment on Full steam ahead on gas while tourism languishes by Greg Simon.

The fact is the Government can’t afford to promote tourism in Alice Springs and the Centre.
In order for visitors and locals to enjoy the benefits of recreation in the Great outback fully, the Government would have to supply each one at enormous cost with the following kit: A telescope (for viewing unapproachable ranges), a camera Telescopic lens for icons, a long range fuel tank (for unnecessary driving to negotiate restricted areas), pet minding booths, a pair of bolt cutters and/or barb wire cutters (and fence mender of course, a few new locks), a dossier of variety of permits, exemption from trespass, or just a helicopter.

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If this goes on much longer, it would be impossible for Gunner to rectify it.
RIP, Alice Springs!

The allure and the conflicts of rural living
Forget the MacDonnell Ranges. Not far down the road to Adelaide opposite the jail (very handy) is the Brewer Estate Land with all the power and water you would need for a development of such a kind, without having to fight the greedy vested interests etc controlling development near town.
Unless I’m wrong about they too having influence in that area as well.

Off-roading with rules for our New Normal
In you’re dreams. You would have to equip everyone with bolt cutters in Central Australia!

Tourism smaller but better, pollies must talk to the people
All the retirees now live on the Sunshine Coast, and if tourism diminishes every time someone catches a cold, it will soon be dead and buried too.

COVID: Trouble in the bush
I thought the whole concept of living on your own land and owning it was to revive your original lifestyle of being part of it and not being dependent on everyone else.

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