Alice Springs housing prices are way too high. Free fall …

Comment on Full steam ahead on gas while tourism languishes by Bungy Jumper.

Alice Springs housing prices are way too high. Free fall is probably a good place for housing prices to be.
People might be able to afford to move here and invest in a future for themselves in this town. It would be a bummer for those of us with already difficult mortgages but perhaps good for growth in town, definitely good for those young couples hoping to have kids AND buy a house.
I think this is actually the reason the supposed Member for Braitling wants to push for these eight story buildings.
He is trying to prop up the CBD land values for his mates in the real estate game.
Shops are empty and landlords are finding it difficult to get tenants at high rents.
They don’t want to lower the rents because that leads to an immediate decrease in the value of their assets.
An option for expansion upward will artificially maintain or increase the land value. Good for the businessman perhaps not so good for the poor bugger trying to live in this expensive place.
Personally I prefer not to live in a high rise overcrowded city, part of the reason for moving to Alice.
Can’t really see the need for either of these eight story ugly proposals but if we must have them perhaps we could concentrate them in one ugly area. Instead of spreading them all over town. Isn’t that what a central business district is for?

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Warren, there’s a clear ongoing demand for gas extraction from whom? For what?
Australia is the largest exporter of gas in the world so we clearly don’t have a shortage.
Who’s demanding we endanger our future? Why are you supporting this dangerous industry.

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A vote for Labor is a vote for fracking, climate change and poisoned water.
Same unfortunately with CLP. Not a lot of choice in the NT.

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So a vote for Snowdon is a vote for fracking, a vote to endanger our water supply and a vote for global warming.
A vote for the CLP is the same thing but they will never change. Labor might if they lose votes and don’t pick up the preferences.
They will definitely be chasing those votes / preferences next time.
Tell Wazza he won’t get my vote or preferences unless he ànd his party change their line on fracking.

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