Single Female Bicycle Rider: I shall be released

Suzanne Visser

It was raining cats and dogs suddenly and I was on my bike in front of Brand A employment on Gregory Terrace. So I decided to have a look at their job board to get out of the rain.


Lo and behold there was a probably appropriate job for me there, so I enquired at the front desk. There I found out that I, as a Brand B client could not use Brand A’s services.


So I said I wanted to become a client immediately because I wanted to apply for the job.


They said I had to be “released” from the clutches of Brand B first. So when the rain had diminished to a mere dribble I cycled to Brand B without a care in the world.


At Brand B I was informed that I had to go to Centrelink in order to be ‘released’.


At Centrelink they told me I had to go to Brand B, so I, obedient Single Female Bicycle Rider, went back, I mean I am a Single Female Bicycle Rider who is unemployed so I will jump through hoops.


Back at Brand B they announced without shame that they could not “release” me.  I was getting the feeling that I somehow was a prisoner.


I went back to Brand A and said I was still interested in the job, but that Brand B could or would not “release” me. The worker at Brand A sighed and showed me on her computer which button they had to push at Brand B.


I always find that grand when employees try to make their problem yours. I asked her politely if she would please call Brand B to tell them about the button as chances were slim that I would be granted access to their computer. She was so kind, bless her heart.


I handed in my CV and that was that. The whole transaction had taken only four hours. But this Single Female Bicycle Rider did not get upset because the rides between offices were so pleasant. Alice at its best rolled by and I did quite a bit of people watching from the bike.


After it was all over your SFBR cycled to Chifley’s for a well-earned glass of red wine. Or two.
Tomorrow the Friday paper will be “released” so maybe tomorrow is my lucky day, or otherwise the day after. Or the day after that.


After all, job searching has become a full time job in the life of your SFBR.


I am confident that SFBR will be released someday soon.


Until that happens your SFBR will jump through hoops and loops. That’s a promise.



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  1. Suzanne Visser
    Posted December 13, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    I wrote this when still unemployed. In the meantime I’m back on a steep career path. Still do not own a car, not single anymore, I think …

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