One thing I miss about Alice Springs is that people …

Comment on Melanka building would obscure unequalled backdrop by Tony Meman.

One thing I miss about Alice Springs is that people get carried away with things that won’t happen. It’s a proposal. It won’t happen. Move on.

Recent Comments by Tony Meman

McDouall Stuart, aboooouuuut turn!
Rename the council lawns Explorers Park, put up statues of the explorers as well as famous indigenous people and any modern day explorers from Central Australia.
Oh, but that would be racist.

McDouall Stuart, aboooouuuut turn!
Should be on the bloody council lawns along with statues of all the other explorers who came through.
No wonder Alice Springs is a laughing stock.

Rock tour report stirs hornet’s nest
This has been going on for years. When I used to work for Territory Discoveries it was the same then. All one big rip off.

LETTER: Give up the grog, as a town
Russel. I have your answer. Anyone who lives in no fixed address, or any type of public housing can’t buy grog, and you can apply to remove it.
But then that’s racist ain’t it??

LETTER: Give up the grog, as a town
When everyone apart from the aboriginals starts running around beating their wives, fighting and pissing in public, then we can go dry as a town.
Until then people from down south can have no say in it.

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