There are a couple of points in this that need …

Comment on Income management misses mark: Report by Bev.

There are a couple of points in this that need clarifying. It is unfair to assume that those who are on it don’t know how to manage their money.
Some who are on it are on it because of circumstances beyond their control e.g. death, unemployment, sickness. The welfare payments are below the poverty line and if one is ill and not able to work other options are there.
It is a well known fact and has been for many years that those that are alcoholics cannot be forced to go off the alcohol but rather have to have the desire to do it for themselves.
Also limiting alcohol to alcoholics often turns them to other substance abuse or if they cant buy alcohol then they end up stealing to get the money to do so.
The limitations of the basics card are often disastrous for people who have already excellent knowledge of money management and savings principles.
They lock a person into set management and companies but if the person sees something better they cannot access it because basics card is not accepted at a lot of places.
The assumption that fresh food is best is not true in Central Australia as often food is transported long distances and not at its best buy the time it gets to the shops. Also, often chemicals are used to grow fresh food and then absorbed into the body when eaten. Over the long term it is as bad on health as preservatives.
On the whole income management for a lot of people is disastrous especially when the blanket approach is used.
It does not take into account the varying levels of knowledge of the people concerned and the varying reasons why the people concerned are unemployed or having problems coping.
Income management is also so hard to get off. You can be doing really well for years yet Centrelink wont let you off it. In some cases when people are put on it because their children are not at school it is not the parents’ fault – this applies in particular to older children who can manipulate the system to get their parents under their thumb and the parents don’t have any right of reply.
In other words it can let the children punish the parents if they cant get their own way.

Recent Comments by Bev

Government and council bicker over youth 
As for the two Aboriginal adults that walked across the road in front of me – one did the right thing and walked across at the traffic lights in the lines – giving an excellent example for anyone watching. The other walked behind me – outside of the lines – giving a bad example for anyone watching. Drivers have a lot to watch for – so if pedestrians do the unexpected they are asking for trouble no matter what the race.

Government and council bicker over youth 
Also on top of adding to Youth Activities in this town – not to be soft on anyone who commits criminal acts no matter what their colour or creed or even their age. Tougher penalties – MUST GO TO SCHOOL and if not then house arrest, makes those doing the damage pay – not the parents but the individuals.

Some of the Aboriginal kids could be working from aged 14 on weekends and after school – fit it in with sport and other activities so they are gaining financially and their minds are occupied. Get them saving – like to buy cars when they are old enough – or to go on holidays because if they do it themselves then they can be proud of themselves.

Making new tools for living 
Kumunjayi Granites said: “I speak your language but you don’t speak mine.”
There are hundreds of Aboriginal languages. It is impossible to learn them all no matter how well intentioned.
As for the Aboriginal cultures there are hundreds of them too. Aboriginals have been hurting me for decades, and my birth family and in-laws have supported them.
I am white. Does that mean my culture means nothing and I have to give all to the Aboriginals? They complain about everything, yet what have they done to help their own families?
There are still rock throwing incidents and other things against the whites.
We are all Australian if born in this country or naturalised and for decades everything has been done to help them.
But when you do, the ones complaining are the ones that go against you and take from you what you earned.
Now for stealing, what is the Aboriginal punishment? For rape, what is the Aboriginal punishment? I know for sure the Aboriginals are far harder on their own people for doing this sort of thing than the whites are.

Ryan to run in Braitling for the CLP?
After his record who would want him?

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Funny but what is coming out in these posts is the lack of responsibility of tourist and locals as well. Being in the outback is not a joke – and yes it is dangerous especially for foreigners or people from the coast
People running hotels, caravan parks, other accomodation should give out safety pamplets when people book in, and ask if they understand the pamphlets, even have them sign to say they read them. It would not have to be a long pamphlet.
Also people advertising Alice Springs on Internet sites should be made to put a piece on safety in the outback as an introduction to their sites so people booking on line get this information before they book.

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