For Noel and Cecile of Paris 1. If you are for …

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For Noel and Cecile of Paris
1. If you are for freedom of expression, you should not insult Hall Duell who express his ideas. A “connard” is an asshole and it is not a word used by an intelligent person who should know that in a discussion the one who starts insulting is a looser and street language does not win a debate.
2. It is not so long ago that Holland himself stated that l’Etat “fabrique” des terroristes. = That The State make terrorist attacks. AFFAIRE TARNAC
Une vidéo de 2009
3. A question: did you walk for the school children massacred in Pakistan?

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A good cartoon expresses an idea, has meaning even if it upset some readers. Alas, some of Charlie Hebdo have no meaning at all.
We have freedom of idea, but we are responsible of the manner we express them.
Liberty = responsibility = respect of others and their beliefs. Therefore I am not Charlie.

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Gallery statement by ministers mischievous: Councillor
Those two ladies do not realise that by insulting our elected Mayor and Councillors they are insulting the whole community.
Why can’t they admit they stuffed up the project by day one: What is an Aboriginal gallery without Aborigines’ approval?

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
All that done before the 2020 elections?

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
Lets us have a fair dinkum debate on the subject. A formal debate usually involves three groups:
• One supporting a resolution (affirmative team), in this case Gunner and his supporters.
• One opposing the resolution (opposing team), in this case Aboriginal leaders and their supporters.
• Those who are judging the quality of the evidences and arguments and the performance in the debate, in this case rates payers as they will have to open their wallets for covering costs.

Chinese will like to go bush: travel agent
This brings me few years back, camping at King Canyon with an international / mixed group.
One Chinese tourist was always disappearing at night … so I followed and ask him why he did not stay with the group.
His answer astonished me: “Stars! Away from camp lights I can see the stars!”
“Where do you come from?”
“Hong Kong.”
Let them enjoy what we take for granted and do our best to preserve our environment and our way of life.

Authorities underrated risk to Pine Gap, Alice of a nuclear strike
In my opinion, if Pine Gap / Alice Springs are hit by nuclear weapons it will mean that the world is at war.
We should be more worry about knowing were a lot of the commodities / food we enjoyed will come from! I prefer to go with the bang rather than die slowly of starvation and nuclear burns.

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