In addition to Cogs comment, “housing and landscaping reduces flooding”? I …

Comment on Kilgariff flood not as bad as it looks: Govt by Tarlyn.

In addition to Cogs comment, “housing and landscaping reduces flooding”?
I would have thought not exactly.
As houses get built the ground is capped off – stopping water from draining down into the ground.
Some natural landscaping including trees and rocks may absorb the water. However, in any flood water still needs to get away or soak down. If there are more houses and roads, the water has less chance to go down or move away.
Therefore housing and landscaping does not exactly reduce flooding.
Also, if this level of water was a result of a 1 in 5 year event, what happens if a 1 in 25 or 50 year event happens?
How will drainage cope? I note from the above article that as further stages of the development occurs so will the drainage, pushing the water out further away.
Pushing the water to where? The creek / river / neighbouring rural land?

Recent Comments by Tarlyn

Car park or culture centre: new funding bid
600 new car spaces at the new court house?
That block is not exactly huge for both a court house and a 600 spaced car park. Yes I see there is an underground component, but where are all those spaces going? All in an multi story underground car park?

Praise for $24m overpass over the top
I still say that money would have been better spent towards a rail under pass or over pass on Larapinta Drive than here.
Emergency vehicles get delayed only a few times a week. Whereas on the South Stuart Highway there are surely zero instances.
Coupled with the speed of the train passing there would be slightly less time to wait than the slower moving carriages near the CBD.

Dept of Lands goofs in planning application
Whoever owns what looks like Lot 8082 at the top left in that image, it looks like the top of what appears to be a plateau has been cleared of all natural vegetation etc.
What a pity this could be occurring on Lot 9306, as that would possibly need to occur to provide services and put down 16 house slabs.
The lot also looks interesting as if there is a gap in the ridge at the top just off lot 8082, and you can see a shrub line running down into what looks like lot 10549.
If that lot gets subdivided into 16 lots then the character of the area will only be watered down even more.

Overpass: Monument to govt. waste nears completion
Now the overpass is complete there needs to be something planted in there to re beautify the barren ground and reduce some of the bare ugly concrete.
I wish that Larapinta Drive was sunk or a rail bridge was built rather than this.
Ambulance and other emergency services between the town are more important than where there is no one living down there.
Sure there are potential mine sites wanting to haul stuff through but other than that there is mainly only Pine Gap, the prison and an industrial estate.
They’ve gone for years and years without needing a rail over pass but the whole of the town has needed it for years.
Surely those mining workers and mineral haulers can just wait for the trains to pass through or time themselves so they do not need to have to wait for a train in the first place.

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