If it looks like a dust bowl, then it must …

Comment on Kilgariff flood not as bad as it looks: Govt by Roger Couche.

If it looks like a dust bowl, then it must be a dust bowl.
Bowls fill up with water.
It could be an industrial estate. Is it really a housing estate?
Better find yourself a real estate con man, a real good one to sell this. Ah, I know, it’s the overseas market.

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Rotary, Purple House allies in fighting illness
It humbles me when I see such projects are working among the remote communities.
I wish I was out there too, but I think I would hinder rather enhance the project.
In 2010 and 2015 I visited my son and wife who were working in Alice, and I will always have fond memories.
The last time was rather a bummer as I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Now it has progressed and although I would love to see the Alice again, I think perhaps not.
So, keep up the great work, and give my heartfelt love and affection to the people you work with. I am 69. See, it only gets worse.
If ever you have a spare seat going that way, please give me a hoi. I would still love to visit again. Mad men never admit or submit to much. All the best. Roger Couche.

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