Perfume Creek, haha, I thought the local name for it …

Comment on Power Water not saying what’s in overflowing sewage by Kelly.

Perfume Creek, haha, I thought the local name for it was Shit Creek … Perfume is a more dignified name for it, I suppose.

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Council cemetery: Seven years of planning, no conclusive result
ON many occasions over the years, I have written to the Alice Springs Town Council asking what is going to be done with the Memorial Cemetery.
It is a part of Alice Springs history, with old Territorians who helped build and shape this town.
It holds lot of history with the different religious sections and the Returned Soldiers section, Namatjira’s monument yet here it is in the middle of our town, looking like no one gives a damn.
My response from the Council at the time – well present day aldermen / women have no rellies in there and so are not really interested.
Well bugger me, don’t worry about our old pioneers who made this town.
The garden cemetery is a beautiful haven, but look at Memorial – neglected and left to the elements.
Council said at the time, it cost too much money, but how much have we spent ripping up Todd Mall over and over.
This place is history, this cemetery deserves to be treated with respect.
Spend money on it and treat it with the respect it deserves and make it a tourist attraction.

Private $25m residential project for health staff
So where is this going to be built? They need to look at parking at the hospital for patients and visitors. Too many staff take the car parks.

Police gets street parking, cops’ private cars in compound
I agree, why should the police be given street parking when they have three car parking facilities adjacent to buildings within the same area. (The three buildings on the corner.)
Doesn’t look good driving down Parson Street, to see it packed with police vehicles when they have parking spaces within their buildings. Not much parking around the streets now for the common folk.

Council: Jacinta Price refuses to bury the hatchet
OMG Mum and Dad go to Council meetings. Intimidation or what?

Alice to get first Aboriginal owned earth ground station
What a funny story, would have spooked the best of people.

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