C’mon, decisions have been made based on decisions made by …

Comment on Patricia Miller accepts retirement as of two days ago by Interested Onlooker.

C’mon, decisions have been made based on decisions made by an individual, deal with it.
No individual is above [criticism]. My guess is there have been people who have influenced this still highly respected lady’s decisions.
So yes, investigate the board, clean up what you need to but make sure that applies to the staff as well.

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Deputy Administrator Pat Miller gave herself legal aid loan
@ Ray – are you serious? Blackmail or maybe a conspiracy? Someone has probably been wronged and now someone has been caught out doing the wrong thing publicly. The whole lot reeks of everyone for themselves. You know something about money being paid back? Drip,drip,drip. Move on and get working on doing the right thing and put your hand up for the board. 🙂

Deputy Administrator stood down, not sacked: CAALAS
@ Kelly – Isn’t it common practice that a lot of boards get a sitting fee? What’s your point? Once again making personal attacks against all and trying to brush over the initial issue when it all came out and people jump the gun?!
Whatever the final decision is, it will be the appropriate one.
It’s all well and good to support family but stop attacking individuals until the assessment has concluded and followed due process.

Mining may trigger urban drift: national freedom meeting
Unfortunately, all good intentions for what should have been a good meeting with healthy and productive dialogue, seems to be unsupported due to the people who have been mentioned. Everyone one of them have managed to disengage the vast majority of Aboriginal people, they are a fruitloops!

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