@ Elvis: You are correct the Aboriginal people of Central Australia …

Comment on Patricia Miller accepts retirement as of two days ago by Harry Moolahoff.

@ Elvis:
You are correct the Aboriginal people of Central Australia should not be happy with the Board and the Management of CAALAS. Two long standing employees in Management have moved on or retired.
CEO (now retired), CFO (now retired) and long standing PLO / Ag CEO (Board appointed) is still happily employed, together with the Board formed the management team of twenty years.
So do we seek to clean the whole place out now starting with the Board and the also PLO (Board appointed) as they are still in charge?
Good representation is what our people need. Not infighting, management coups or bullying.
NAAJA operates well because they have a very smart forthright and highly intelligent PLO, and a CEO that has support of all the Management Team including their Board, unlike CAALAS has had recently.
Also from and earlier story on this saga:
“The source also says only two fuel vouchers are being given to board members, a single one to a couple living two hours’ drive out of town, and the other one to a member living 45 minutes away.”
This may be the case as of the day the Alice News posed this question to “the source”, however this is false as there is evidence of members who live in town and one who does not even drive at all, having received these vouchers.
Perhaps “the source” isn’t as reliable as they claim to be.
Also what of the inquiry? Did this get solved? What was it about? Will we as members be informed of the investigation result?
Please CAALAS Board you need to answer your Members your silence is deafening or will we hear from “the source” again?

Harry Moolahoff Also Commented

Patricia Miller accepts retirement as of two days ago
CAALAS Board and its Ag Management have changed the date of the AGM … why?
Board Members have postponed this meeting several times from late 2014.
Are the Board and Ag Management still waiting … waiting … waiting on the results of their “Investigation”?
Perhaps they need a couple of more interim meetings (sitting fees) to allow them to prepare adequately for the AGM.
Let’s hold this board accountable.

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