Davo is right to some extent but not all of …

Comment on 16% of public dwellings vacant, 614 applicants waiting by Peter Hoey.

Davo is right to some extent but not all of the vacant houses had an indigenous problem.
My daughter had to vacate when her younger son turned 18.
She had the job of ensuring that the house was left to an acceptable standard, not easy when for years it was subject to numerous maintenance call-outs.
The house was left in an acceptable state and there it has sat for several years virtually abandoned.
The garden is over run (would have got a please explain if the tenant was still there), the air conditioner has been stripped and the place is now in a state of disrepair.
Why didn’t housing get new tenants or auction off the property? A pretty high degree of incompetence in my opinion.
Get something done Bess!

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