Someone else singing from the same song sheet! Be aware, …

Comment on Cull troublemakers, says Yirara College teacher by Well I Never!.

Someone else singing from the same song sheet! Be aware, enrolments may be 200+ but at the end of last week I hear there were less than 70 students attending.
Let’s look at that in terms of Centrelink payments. Let’s say the college gets $2000 + per term per student NON REFUNDABLE.
Here we are at week four. Over 40 students have either been sent home, expelled or just done a runner.
Over $80,000 pocketed by the college in less than four weeks.
Is it transparent practice or does it confirm, or at least support, the suspicion that the process is get the kids in for census, get their Centrelink money then pack them off home.
Last Monday night 29 students broke out of their dorms and were found in each others! Many were evidently sent home.
This article states one person is doing behaviour management in the school. Either that person does not know their job or the job is too big for them.
Tim S (board chairman) denied the claim in an earlier article that only one person did the job. Transparency and honesty please, Tim. New staff must be wondering about what on earth they have said yes to?

Recent Comments by Well I Never!

Aged woman injured by rock thrower
Just add it to the list of cover-ups for a number of serious incidents over the last 10 days!
Did we hear about the near riot a week or so ago?
How about the fellows who trashed staff cars by jumping on them one morning?
What about the teacher who got knocked over and the 27 students who broke out the other night … the list goes on but do we ever hear about it?
We the taxpayers continue to pay for such behaviour because our Government says it is all good at Yirara!

The farce of Minister Chandler’s Yirara ‘assessment’
What an amazing Behaviour Management Strategy! And based simply on a pizza as a reward!
Perhaps the principal of Yirara could explain the pedagogy behind it for us? Seriously if this reflects the depth of programs and policies within Yirara College what hope is there for the students that remain?
If this reflects the depth and diversity of thinking in the leadership then God help the place!
And as for the new Teacher of the Week Award now being handed out … um? If the administration can’t acknowledge the rampant misbehaviour of bored and frustrated students who cruise the college so obviously then how are they going to know what is actually going on in classrooms perpetuating the myth of quality education.
Is not the focus at this point in time student and NOT teacher behaviour?

Yirara College: Minister Chandler on the case
So an investigation which acknowledges problems, sees an escalation in the problems two years on, is actually considered an OK kind of investigation and does not particularly require another look? I don’t think so!
hat value is being placed on the lives of these students? What value is being placed on their need for a quality education?
The students at Yirara deserve more than this! It is arrogance alone which says people who have little cultural knowledge and who are not accessing cultural advice from people who have it can develop an adequately appropriate program of learning for these students.
It is time to admit your inadequacy and seek help. It is time to get real! THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE! An inquiry should be opened immediately!

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
Which answer was that, Wallaby Jack?

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
A safe workplace? Fire hoses being aimed at staff and students as they attempt to go up the stairs to classrooms, female staff being locked in a dormitory block (used as a temporary detention centre) for extended periods alone with anything up to a dozen young men, a teacher being threatened by a student with being stabbed in that same block, students attacking others students violently in the classrooms, students throwing desks and chairs at one another in the classrooms, students running around the school kicking in doors, throwing rocks and bashing and breaking windows to mention a few! Oh yes, Yirara without a doubt is a safe workplace!

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