Surprise, surprise, the sorry saga continues but even on a …

Comment on Cull troublemakers, says Yirara College teacher by Dave.

Surprise, surprise, the sorry saga continues but even on a grander scale apparently.
While Tim and the Finke River Mission Board fail to step up, there will be no improvement. As the saying goes: “Shape up or ship out.”
Credit where credit is due: a couple of years ago a consultant was employed in an attempt to deal with certain issues, however he turned out to be a mate of those running the college.
He seemed to listen intently to many staff members but, as was expected, but the status quo remains. Such a process needs to be completely independent and confidential.
Bring on an inquiry if that is what it will take to give Yirara the future it needs.

Recent Comments by Dave

Yirara College: Minister Chandler on the case
I firstly wish to commend Erwin for his apparent professional attitude in exploring what is and should be a public interest story.
This story is long overdue and must continue until a thorough investigation is held if the best interests of Yirara are to be advanced.
Having also read the various items of correspondence, it would appear that a pattern of shuffling from one to another is again giving way to some collegial discussion in a serious attempt toward some positive resolution.
Surely all the commentators can’t be wrong can they?
Chairman Tim’s responses are predictable and are well understood by many staff both past and present, and no longer cut it, as has been demonstrated on previous occasions. Real and tangible outcomes are what are needed now more than ever.

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
I am aware of the Memorandum circulated by then Principal Andrew Mirtschin and my understanding is that Behaviour Management Policy was revised in accord with the requirements of the Improvement Notice.
I believe that behaviour issues were categorised under the revised policy and various levels of consequence were to be applied according to the severity of the misdemeanour.
For more serious issues, the consequences outlined in the policy were often not consistently applied. One can only imagine the mixed messages this would send to students and to staff, and such action only served to breed contempt.
It seems to me that Behaviour Management is largely a reactive process and the interests of all would be better served with a proactive focus.
All this aside, various commentators on these news articles have indicated there are many other issues which must be addressed first, which would impact positively in reducing poor behaviour in the first instance.

Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?
Thanks Shirley. From my experience your insights are spot on. As you say: “The reluctance to face reality and actually address the issues does no one a service, not the students or the teachers.”
If it is too hard for the Finke River Mission to address, find someone else who can.

Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?
Where there is smoke there is fire and lots of it. It takes a bigger person to accept that there are real issues to be addressed and with some urgency.
C’mon Tim, why not step up to the task, confront the issues, consult with people and move Yirara forward to the space it should be in. Perhaps the church needs to have some more involvement.

Yirara: Rebellion and failure or meeting a challenge?
It appears that nothing has changed, and as a previous staff member, the feedback I receive from time to time would indicate that the situation may have worsened.
In my time staff and their wellbeing generally were not well regarded, nor did they feel supported.
The indigenous council members do their best under the circumstances, however I concluded during my experience that the problems were management related and it is the responsibility of the Finke River Mission Board to consult more with staff and to be prepared to accept the need for change.
If you do what you always did – you get what you always got.

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