Who cares about the money, who gets it, where it …

Comment on Cull troublemakers, says Yirara College teacher by Band Aid.

Who cares about the money, who gets it, where it comes from, how it is spent? What is the priority?
Human beings are the priority. The safety of students and the safety of staff. I feel pity for the current principal who has inherited this minefield, created by poor leadership, bad choices and denial from the top.
I hope that this principal does indeed care, and is not one of those who put bandaids on festering wounds instead of digging deep in order to heal.
Writers have mentioned the Finke River Mission and its chairperson Tim. It appears obvious that this body of people have not the ability to sort out the issues. Where else do we look? Lutheran Schools of Australia? The Lutheran Bishop of Australia? How long has this been going on? Do they listen, and believe? It is time someone did?

Recent Comments by Band Aid

The farce of Minister Chandler’s Yirara ‘assessment’
In December 2008, the Parliament of Australia passed legislation which enables the suspension or cancellation of income support payments to a parent whose child is either not enrolled in school or has an unsatisfactory school attendance record.
Perhaps this could be enforced and cancel the payments to the caregivers whose children have been expelled from Yirara.
This would then give the caregiver more incentive to support the child to stay at school through cultural methods.
If these cultural methods are used, perhaps the behaviour of these students will change to allow them to stay at school without being expelled or suspended, thus allowing the caregiver to receive their payments.
This is not suggesting physical abuse or assault.

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
10 Jobs advertised for work as teachers and classroom support staff at Yirara College.

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
Well done, Tom Hardy. Well written. This exact process was suggested in 2012 to the principal of the time by senior staff.
The factor of lessening students for a time meant loss of money coming in.
Numbers of students were seen to be dropping at that stage and it appeared he was hesitant to go through this process. Perhaps he was being overridden from his superiors down in Adelaide?
This was the second time he had been employed as principal at Yirara College. I have been told the first time he was principal there was for a very “short” time.

WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College
Maybe we are all just dreaming and these stories are fabrications? After all, if those on the Governing Board and Management are happy with the way things are, perhaps we should let it be?
Or is it a Nightmare coming back to haunt each and every one of us including those decision makers sitting in offices down in Adelaide? I imagine each has a sand pit to bury their heads on occasions.
NT Worksafe did investigate. Yes. Do they not follow up on matters such as they investigated? Or again, is it in the too hard basket for them?
The union were involved, too hard basket to follow up perhaps?
Lutheran Safe Place followed some complaints from staff. From what I have heard Lutheran Safe Place were shot down soon after their investigation.
And so it goes on.
And the nightmares continue.

No Yirara inquiry needed: Education Minister
Were there students at the school on the date the Department of Education visited? Whether there were or not, it goes to show the Department only want to know what they are told.
I suspect they are afraid to investigate further. They would have heard the talk.
Yes, perhaps Yirara ticks the boxes but does that make it permissible for the mayhem and chaos that appear to have been happening for some time?
Does the chairman of the Finke River Mission actually verbalise that it is OK for students to run amok, for student and staff to be endangered, for verbal and physical threats to continue to happen? Just wondering.

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