I can tell you it takes only a student not …

Comment on Cull troublemakers, says Yirara College teacher by Ted.

I can tell you it takes only a student not to be interested to set off a classroom.
During a PD day teachers were told about red, yellow, green light pyramid presentation.
Talking about how your students that are green are wanting and willing to learn, your yellow have some interest and will comply and your red are not willing and defiant.
When the presenter asked what the teachers thought the percentages are in each category it weighed more towards the yellow and red because when one students decides they are not willing to learn they drag others with them.
Let them out of the class and they disrupt other classrooms. (Insert any movie scene where jail inmates hoot and holler because of one inmate’s disruptive behaviour.)
With that been said, those students who do not want to be at Yirara, don’t hold them there strictly for funding numbers, because all they want is to disrupt knowing their actions are (through the behavioural system) suppose to send them home. Stop wasting time on those students you have to drag in and not willing or wanting to learn.

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