I wonder if anyone has considered making Yirara College an …

Comment on Cull troublemakers, says Yirara College teacher by Jenny.

I wonder if anyone has considered making Yirara College an international school consisting of day students and boarders. Alice Springs is a multicultural community and I’m sure there are many parents in the town who would love to avail their children of this school’s fantastic facilities.
My other thought is that it seems pretty silly to punish these kids by sending them home to their community because that is exactly what they want because they are homesick!
Please mix up the clients and this will lighten the mood of the place and the kids can learn from each other as well as from their classes. Surely boarding students should be screened and perhaps the intake could begin at year 10.
Good luck for 2016 Yirara.

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Crime again where it was when CLP came to power
Very soon judging by what’s happening throughout the rest of the county, alcohol will be seen as a cute aberration.
It’s time the law-makers set their sites on the meth-amphetamine labs and distributors. It will lower alcohol usage but also destroy those who want to imbibe.
It will make gin and a joint, a beer or many, look very quaint. Have a look on the east coast and elsewhere. Watch “Breaking Bad” on video.
Our law makers and police will have to start checking incoming “traffic” from all parts of the country and please let them use very big, nasty drug dogs!
They will have to do spot checks on domestic premises,caravan parks, incoming traffic and tourists, etc.
It is so destructive and addictive and cheap. We are going to be keeping our children at home! We must start being proactive now, or watch our children die.

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