Why is it so hard for those in charge to …

Comment on WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College by Tom Hardy.

Why is it so hard for those in charge to say: “Hey, we realise Yirara College is not how it should be, in fact it’s bad! Now, here’s our plan to make changes and get back to a safe and functional school, providing a safe learning environment that is welcoming not only to those students wanting to learn but also the staff there to support Yirara College.”
Bring the students who want to be at Yirara College and create this safe environment.
Explain the new Behavioural Management and its consistency.
Then slowly reintroduce students that find the transition challenging. Have these challenging students understand the new established behavioural management school and how it is “managed consistently”.
Admin need to hold their part with consistency. If the challenging students can’t adjust, reintroduce them later in the year with a new group of students.
And by no means does reintroduce them later translate to bring them in week 6, 7, 8. What good is a student who doesn’t know the classroom / school routine, has not had the build up learning in weeks 1-5 and finds themselves behind the others in class?
This brings nothing but shame to a person who needs nothing more than encouragement. Being brought in the middle to late term can cause frustration for the student which can lead to disruption for the class, school, campus.
Never once did I mutter “it’s all good” while working at Yirara College. I do wish it would return to being a safe school.

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