Oh my dear Janet Brown, did you do a similar …

Comment on WorkSafe says it’s all good at Yirara College by Wallaby Jack.

Oh my dear Janet Brown, did you do a similar count for students walking out of CMS or CSS? Wonder why there is a no school no service policy in so many shops etc around town?
Seems to be a lot of very old news being rehashed by individuals that did not like the answer they got the first time!

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Yirara: 100% failure doesn’t worry Minister
Appears the writer has misinterpreted the MySchool data (not hard to do), the ICSEA quartiles are to do with social and educational disadvantage, not achievement. So Yirara is enrolling students from the most disadvantaged sector of our community.
Try looking at the NAPLAN data under student gain and with comparison to similar schools selected (period 2011-2013 has complete data).
While not achieving benchmark there is a significant gain from Year 7 to Year 9, and markedly better than similar schools.
Secondary schools can do little to affect Year 7 results due to the timing of the testing, Year 9 results reflect the impact that a school is having on the cohort.
[ED – Thank you for this explanation. The details here show that in all of the eight years reported on (2008 to 2014), and in all of the five subjects, both Year 7 and Year 9 were consistently in lowest achievement category (“substantially below”) when compared with the average of all Australian schools. As you point out, when compared with “schools serving students from statistically similar backgrounds” Yirara is making progress over the years. The subjects are reading, persuasive writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy.]

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