Tim. Your letter explains nothing about the plan to make …

Comment on Yirara College chairman responds to reports, questions by Yawn.

Tim. Your letter explains nothing about the plan to make things better and ensure safety to students and staff.
Your letter explains how Yirara should be, but not the reality. As for going through the proper channels for communication, we all know that is a waste of time.

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The farce of Minister Chandler’s Yirara ‘assessment’
I am shaking my head. I am sad. Why cover up? Why go to that amount of effort? Certainly not for the benefit of either school, students or staff. Hide it under a bushell. Don’t get it fixed. Keep Yirara unsafe. Hold your heads up high when you answer to God that you kept those under your care safe. Lie away. Shame on you who deny the truth!

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