This ten year old propaganda is irrelevant, unhelpful, not news, …

Comment on Ice – it’s worse than any of us realise by Pete.

This ten year old propaganda is irrelevant, unhelpful, not news, and certainly not journalism.
Shock tactics and sensationalism are proven failures: the people who most need to listen to helpful advice turn off when channels flood with hype instead of honest information.

Recent Comments by Pete

Nationals in Canberra run Country Liberals media
Warren seems determined to lose the election. So far the best (only?) argument I’ve seen in his favour has been the CLP candidate.

Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months
I liked her best when she was on TV. (I don’t have an aerial.)

Satour & Price seeking legal advice in Code of Conduct saga
Looking forward to the former councillor bringing this energy to Federal politricks.

Alice councillors join new political party
With core values including: “Policies that reinforce traditional Australian values at the time of the foundation of the Country and opposition to policies and practices which negate or undermine these values” it’s a NO from me.
Very surprised at some of those who have put their names to a program that references “so-called renewable energy”.
And “utilise Australian oil” sounds like an open door to fracking. NOT ON.

Police drop MLA’s trespassing charge
Absolutely stunning. I attended last year’s Parliamentary committee hearings of a bill to amend the Water Act, and her contribution was … inadequate.
But this is a whole other level of uselessness.

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