Certain types of people will be more at risk – …

Comment on Ice – it’s worse than any of us realise by Nimby.

Certain types of people will be more at risk – antisocial types and their submissive orbiters, adolescents, homosexuals, polydrug users.
This drug induces slavery, a concurrent sense of omnipotence and a desire for more as the effect decreases and the light of reality shines in. Therefore it is most profitable.
The profits largely go to organised Middle Eastern crime syndicates, funding terrorism, including the kind directed towards us, as well as, to an even greater extent, Asian, predominantly Chinese organisations, which become very rich on the back of addicted misery. North Korea also explicitly manufactures and exports to its enemies.
This drug makes people prematurely age on the inside and outside. It sends people nuts, turns them into drug sluts, hookers and crooks.
I’m not sure you can appeal to feelings with a poem on this. The effect in the brain is far more primal, in areas more associated with survival – aggression, fornication, the reward system if you will.
It probably won’t induce anything of the sort with the first few uses … for most.
From there it reliably ends badly, in a life changing way.
Very few people at risk would even read a publication like this so there seems little point with poetry.
For the few that do, Brendan McMahon’s story (Melbourne) is illustrative. Look it up and see.
Reality tells a much more entertaining “narrative” than a fuzzywuzzy poem written by a never user (lefty?) chump-poet.

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I’m waiting for the pokerfaced chardonnay lefties here to frame this as white oppression.

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A modern wealthy leftist interpretation of the past. Nice touch to leave out everyone else’s tribalism in the Territory, then as much as now. I despise modern historians, willing slaves of politics.

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It should indeed be on the dinner table.
Uranium oxide is at a low and the mining industry in general is likely in the process of an interim decline.
This means that key personnel and soon, mining logistics, should be purchased relatively cheaply.
It’s a little early and more of a reconnoitre, a toe in the water.

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Who is paying for it?

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@ Sandy: I agree, the ABC is more commie than comedy. The truth cannot be told in all its glory as it is probably offensive (and funny).
The ABC would be pitiable, but its our money.
Let’s make it pay for view. The results will be very funny indeed 🙂

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