The truth is, neither political party supports the majority of …

Comment on Race rules in NT government tenders draw fire by Real Representation in Parliment.

The truth is, neither political party supports the majority of its voters. Both Labor and Liberals are guilty of anti-white racism. Both hand out our tax money to bludgers. We need to learn NOT to vote for the current political parties if we, as the majority, are to change the situation.
The Labor party is NOT for the working class, and workers need to realise that a vote for Labor is a vote for bludgers.
The Liberal Party also doles out our tax dollars to bludgers – so a vote for them is the same as a vote for Labor.
Only true, local independent (not stooges run by the major political parties) are in a position to represent their electorates. But we get it wrong all the time, we vote in one of the two political parties so they can further their own agendas – not ours.
We are all patsies and need to think beyond the present system.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor