The impact of football carnivals along with other types of …

Comment on Stop Easter footy carnival in Alice: Liddle by Christine Holding.

The impact of football carnivals along with other types of events is negative in so many ways.
The behaviour in Alice has been dreadful, but it also impacts on things like attendance at work, children not going to school and overcrowded housing creating social difficulties.
Community people coming into town and for a variety of reasons unable / unwilling to return immediately after the event. It is quite sad to see how this affects local communities.

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Treatment of youths in NT prisons makes national, world news
Mr Scullion, why indeed you may ask how this has only come to light now. Seems to me that the NT Government was aware of it and did very little if anything to address it.
It also seems that lots of issues are not addressed at all until there is a high profile expose occurs from media that makes it an issue – why is that?

Writing the stories of trouble
Me too Lizzy, don’t want to put it down. Need to buy a second copy to send down south.

Writing the stories of trouble
Thanks, Kieran.

Writing the stories of trouble
Could you please advise where I could buy a copy of this book please, thank you

Prof Gerritsen in Alison Anderson’s cheer squad: Bess Price’s husband after the coup
Bess seems to be the quiet achiever, I have a lot of respect for her.
Head down and just getting on with things. Indigenous issues are a hard gig for anyone, but perhaps particularly difficult for Bess in those times when other Indigenous public figures are attempting to undermine or destroy any gains that can be achieved.

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