So lets just block everything, block all entertainment for the …

Comment on Stop Easter footy carnival in Alice: Liddle by Local Reader.

So lets just block everything, block all entertainment for the town and then let’s see all the businesses go down the drain.
We are already just surviving in this town, the carnival brings in well need money to the economy of Alice Springs.
This talk of blocking carnivals is just stupid, we pay taxes for police and many other organisations to deal with anti social behaviour. Let them sit down and do their work, blocking carnivals is not a solution it’s just creating other problems in our community.
Without football where do our children go for their interest in sports, Michael?
What if your football was taken from you Michael would you be where you are today? NO.
Every city and town in Australia has the same problem with anti social behaviour. Should we stop the cricket, the tennis AFL games, why don’t you put your efforts into the anti social behaviour being caused by the recently purchased drinking hole know as the Memo Club by local Aboriginal Corporations, Centrecorp and Tangentyere?
This drinking hole is the cause of anti social behaviour in Alice Springs for 365 days a year, not just three days. Are you going to tackle this problem?
What about the Feotal disorder syndrome caused by mothers drinking at the old Memo Club, the fights being had when they finished drinking at this Aboriginal Club.
The Aboriginal money from ABA spent on acquiring this drinking hole should have been spent on providing education programs to our people/ don’t you think Michael.
The Easter Carnival is nothing compared to this place.

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Advice on ‘insane’ air fares from blackfeller Bob Katter
Q&A in Alice Springs. I watched this on Monday night and was unsatisfied with the questions that were asked, we all know what is affecting Aboriginal people.
More questions should have been put to Josie Douglas, Principal Policy Officer of the Central Land Council (CLC). For one, why is the CLC exempted from the Freedom of information Act alongside of the Australian Department of Defence?
How is information about Aboriginal land and Aboriginal families classified information to Aboriginal people and the rest of Australia?
Is the CLC’s information a national threat?
Also, the royalties issue. Why is this money not going into community development?
Aboriginal people need jobs not handouts. The CLC put these millions of dollars into building some businesses on remote communities to give Aboriginal people something to strive for.
Aboriginal people working on their own communities is a satisfying feeling while you are building your community up. CLC, build jobs with your millions.

Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs
Well, well, well. Another deal done by the administration of the Central Land Council. Aboriginal People must learn this administration works for Canberra not the Aboriginal people of the Northern Territory.
All employed at the CLC including the director don’t care about us, as long as they are furthering their careers and their pockets who cares.
My inlaws are from the Tennant Creek Area and I hope you all fight the CLC.
It’s time for change, let’s rid ourselves of the CLC. People power can change anything.

CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation
Well, the administration of the CLC once again has been asked for transparency. Let’s see what the CLC director and his lawyers do this time.
Last time they were flying around in a private airplane belonging to a lawyer employed by the CLC, flying out to communities, shutting down shops to get rid of Maurie Ryan, former CLC Chairman.
All these Aboriginal organisations and private organisations that have connections to the CLC have CLC employees sitting as directors.
This includes the director of the CLC himself, Mr Ross.
Check out Alice Cars, a sister company of the Peter Kittle Toyota Motor Company, and see who the directors are.
In my view the CLC is nothing but a doorway for educated Aboriginals with their own benefits in mind, to sit on boards and make lots of money for themselves.

Alice women’s footy side scores huge in Adelaide
Good on ya girls, great to see women football taking off. Good luck to you all in the future.

Native title body CEO quits, no comment from chair
To Things that make you go Hmmm: Google earth, hay, this is your knowledge, I know where it is, my great great grand parents told me in 1977 in the river of 16 Mile Creek.
My family know where our country is and our skin names and our lines so why don’t you go and get some knowledge by sitting on the country like I did. And yes, I have been to many ceremonies and I am an Arunta Law MAN, OK.
Put your name up and speak to me face to face.

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