We recently tried to do one of the walks at …

Comment on Parks authority controls people, not weeds by Environment-friend.

We recently tried to do one of the walks at Simpson’s Gap and didn’t get very far: All totally overgrown with grasses – not many native ones, unfortunately.
We’ve been saying those things to the rangers (on the rare occasions you actually see one in a park unless it’s a scheduled talk) for many years and many times, but unfortunately too much money seems to be spent on sitting in the office and not enough outside really protecting our beautiful nature!
Why? I do not know and will never understand! It’s a real shame. There would be so many ways of doing at least something! “From little things, big things grow.” This goes in a negative and positive way. If you leave one seed, there will be hundreds after the next rains, but, if you pull or dig out that one invasive plant – there will be less. Instant success!
I used to pull out onion weed in the FLinders Ranges wherever I saw it – every little step helps. If everyone would help, we could do big things. Maybe do more public info work and get community groups, schools and even prisoners to help. Let’s get started – all together as a community.
PS: Same thing with feral cats. I am so sick of always just hearing there are too many … why not start though, and get rid of every single one you see!?

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Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves
Definitely making residents responsible to look after “their” trees would help.
Generally council should also make sure that pathways are actually available to people who try to walk, ride, have prams or are in wheelchairs.
Overhanging trees and bushes growing into the paths and sidewalks make this impossible in too many spots all over town!

That’s why we all live here
Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I saw it in town as well, but didn’t have my camera.

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
I still do not understand, how it could have gone unnotice for so many days, that the occupant of a room was missing at the accomodation, where the lady was staying?
I have worked in the industry for many years and have never seen anything like that occur? Rooms do get checked every day! And, if someone is supposed to have checked out, would you not inform the police?
I would be more than happy to help with translations of pamphlets to be given out to every guest on what do do or not to do here in Central Australia in our beautiful desert.

Interest booms in solar power investment
The whole of the NT could have been solar-powered 20 years ago, yet we’re still discussing, thinking, waiting, contemplating. Meanwhile the earth is dying!

NT the biggest climate change offender
Good on you, Jimmy Cocking, for voicing your concerns!
Unfortunately, for most politicians making the decisions it still seems to be more about short term money-making and less about the future of all of us and our beautiful country!

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