Pack your bags, Rosie. Enough of your crap about being …

Comment on Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community by Davo of Alice.

Pack your bags, Rosie. Enough of your crap about being “Stolen Generation”. You like all of them were cared for and educated. For what good?
To carry on like you are a poor old blackfella living tough in the bush.
Be real. You and your mob have been living the life of Riley to the detriment of your Countrymen. Move to Canberra and be done with.

Recent Comments by Davo of Alice

Four more years of same-same
Ho hum. Just like with Donald Trump you get what you vote for, but apathy was obviously in play as there was a good chance to flush out the old guard and bring in the new guard. Hope the next four years just fly past.

Council rates draft: up 1.5% despite surplus
Here we go again, there is no need to increase rates by 1.5% considering there is an (unconfirmed) surplus from last year’s budget.
About time for the Mayor to pack up and leave, as he’s been responsible for the last six years of excessive rises, but funny it’s an election year so now he wants to cut the rises down to get re-elected?
Also, re the loan for the Civic Centre (Taj Mahal), this was actioned sneakily by the former Mayor prior to an election and should have been re-financed two or three years ago to reduce the interest and loan repayments.
This would have saved far more than the $17,000 as stated in the article. Don’t forget it’s not the Council’s money, it’s the long suffering ratepayers.
I urge all voters to take action at the ballot box in August and turf the lot of them out and get some fresh new blood who might actually listen to the people and consult with them for a change and get back to the basic rates, roads and rubbish core values they are supposed to operate in.
There have been some very capable new candidates put their hands up already.
What do you think ?

Elders appeal to respect sacred sites
Elders from Akeyulerre Inc.
Get real we all know what people have lit those fires. Take control and responsibility of your people and stop blaming others.

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
Sorry to see GMan go as he has been a fantastic neighbour and has helped me a lot with some of my recent problems.
They are a loveloy family and love Alice Springs.
GMan has put his heart and soul into CAAMA and this is how he is treated.
As for Karl, a failed Labor politician and former minister, only time will tell if he can step up to the plate as CEO.

Council rates to rise 6% if budget draft is adopted
Here we go again, our Mayor is happy to rob the ratepayers for another 6% increase.
Enough of the council’s greed. Show some balls and start looking for ways to slash costs ie. cut out all the directors’ positions and appoint a general manager for all section units to report to, who in turn reports to the CEO.
Savings: $1m minimum. Put 50% of work out to contract, sell off half the machinery which don’t turn wheels often enough.
The laid off workers could be re-employed by the contractors who are screaming for work in this town. Net savings: $2m plus.
Finally take a leaf out of City of Darwin’s budget and dive into the $35m piggy bank reserves to help pay for the grandiose schemes proposed.
Please note Damien, Rex and councillors, it is NOT your money but the long suffering ratepayers’ who are bloody well sick and tired of your waste and empire building schemes.
PS: Get rid of a few rangers and stop their Nazi type modus operandum.

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