@ Fred the Philistine: Joel didn’t say anything about wallowing …

Comment on Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community by Alexis.

@ Fred the Philistine: Joel didn’t say anything about wallowing in self pity. It may be history but why forget about it?
Anzac day is celebrated every year, weddings anniversaries, birthdays, etc. The motto for Anzac day is Lest We Forget, if you are trying to tell everyone to not worry about history, then you might as well stop celebrating important events in your life because obviously, it’s history and not important.
Fred, you are being selective in what events you wish to remember in history. One more thing Fred, why would “foreigners” be walking all over Joel? He is standing up for the rights of people; I can guarantee you that nobody is walking all over him.

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Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community
@ Fred the Philistine I agree to disagree with you!
Out of a majority of people from the stolen generation you have spoken to just TWO people?
I think before making judgements in regards to that, you really do need to speak to more people so you are able to gather more information.
Fred, have you seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence? I also think it’s shocking that you would defend Bill and Davo as what they said is ignorant, offensive and disrespectful.
I fully support Joel as he is making very valid points and is explaining the true realities that have happened.
Yet everyone isn’t commenting on this, they are making comments like, “He is not crying on everyone shoulder that life owes him a living” etc.
Not all people behave like this and if they do, they most likely have mental illness or are traumatized.
Where is your compassion and understanding?

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Spot the difference
I saw an article today about this and I think Alice Springs really needs more child care options. I also think the accommodation would be excellent as it’s great to see new developments.
I’m not too big on the roof bar. Who wants to leave their kids at a child care centre, where alcohol is being served on the rooftop?
That’s a bit of an issue and should be reconsidered. I don’t drink alcohol at all, so my opinion may be different to those who do drink?

Alice the petrol head capital? Yep.
Personally, I wasn’t interested in the NATS, but I do think it was a great event to come to Alice Springs as it opens the doors to hold more major events in the near future!
I also think that bringing Port Adelaide and Melbourne Demons here was the perfect start and it’s made a good impact by making more opportunities for the red centre!

Frying pan alleged offensive weapon
@ Elvis: I can partly understand where you are coming from but I’m not supporting what you’ve stated.
You said: “Aboriginal people don’t give a hoot who you are when they are under the influence of alcohol.”
Regardless of who you are, using alcohol irresponsibly can lead to a negative outcome. Alcohol and drug driven violent crimes are a worldwide issue.
I think individuals, regardless of your race / culture, need to take responsibly for their own actions.
People can’t point fingers and blame others / alcohol / drugs for their inappropriate behavior because at the end of the day those individuals’ choices will affect them.
If someone commits a crime under the influence, they go to jail, not the drug.
If people start taking responsibility for their own actions, then issues can be resolved, denying issues makes it hard to address the issues and makes it hard to communicate solutions to provide a resolution

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