So Joel, anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant? I …

Comment on Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community by Mack.

So Joel, anyone who disagrees with you is ignorant? I love your empty rhetoric of “enforced assimilation policy deliberately implemented to disengage Aboriginal Australians”.

Recent Comments by Mack

Prof Gerritsen in Alison Anderson’s cheer squad: Bess Price’s husband after the coup
@ Leo Abbott: “And you’re trying to live a political existence (life) through your wife.” These sorts of thoughts are best left in your imagination unless they are the best you have to offer.
@ The Price is wrong: “In short, it’s gut churning watching both of you shamelessly defending your wife / mother on all forms of media, much to the disgust of the wider public. Give it a rest.”
You may find it gut wrenching but I don’t. “Gut wrenching” is a loaded term. I think the Price is right on this occasion. I for one would prefer that Dave continue commenting on anything relating to Indigenous affairs. He makes sense.

My sister was killed, allegedly in an alcohol fueled incident
Interested observer, you are a very sad person indeed. You remind me of my friend Marlene, a woman who never achieved very much and hates herself and the world. It is great when you offer lots of opinions, but a few facts would have been nice.

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines
Thank you Matt. The review you posted slipped past my radar. It contains some good stuff. I am sure Pilger would love our new “Australian of the year” who is so self-righteous in that he is ashamed to be an Australian.

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines
Brian Marsh, in your crack at Dave Price, he is not saying that Pilger is the “the cause of Aboriginal disadvantage” as you would have us believe.
As far as “blood on their hands,” when you have [people] like Pilger distorting reality to give the impression that the government and the past are to blame for all the problems these people are facing, then yes, blood is definitely on their hands.

Pilger’s polemic fails Australia and Aborigines
So Marie Dea, you found it to be “an honest and factual portrayal of indigenous individuals”?
Well then you obviously have not met many Aborigines. Many of them are like Rosalie Kunoth-Monks (a former Utopian) who are doing very well.
Why did Pilger carefully select the poorest of the poor to base his “documentary” on? You further say: “It was all based upon fact.” It simply was not, even if you say so. While he may have taken some “facts” he took them out of context.
As for another one of your “nuggets of wisdom” – “The truth hurts” well sensational distortions of which people like Pilger are masters of also hurt.
To answer your question about Amnesty, simply finding two (or more people) who agree with each is not truth; it is simply agreeing with each other. When Amnesty have traveled to places in the NT, there are led around by the radical victim brigade, much like what happens when the UN Rapporteur visits.
They all love to then say the easy but empty words “This is appalling”. Ignorant but predictable victim brigade mindset.

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