Shame on all the ignorant persons who suppose to have …

Comment on Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community by Fay Summers.

Shame on all the ignorant persons who suppose to have views disrespecting elders and persons with character and morals that are able to articulate and not be suppressed.
In a democratic civilised culturally inclusive nation there is no room for such manipulations.
The measure of humanity in kindness and dignity is epitomised by the icon that Rosalie is.
With deepest respect I encourage people to actually become more learned on social injustices and the true essence of multi-culturalism in Australia and really stop the frivolous engagement in personal attacks on those that have much to teach and are part of this country’s living history.
God bless the faithful and those who truly believe in the values that make our country a leading force in true human rights.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor