What is unfair to them about them telling lies about …

Comment on Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen by Liz Martin.

What is unfair to them about them telling lies about my place, Richard Bentley? I would assume they can validate their opinions, objectives and anticipated outcomes without messing all over two community based organisations, immediately alienating a sector of the community they are proposing to assist!
That’s a failure in 101 Community Inclusion! I have an opinion on water mitigation and nuclear power and uranium mining but I didn’t even mention those! I mentioned the lies about the Hall of Fame, and they are lies – come see for yourself if you don’t want to take my word for it.
We are proud of our achievements out here. In case you didn’t know part of the uranium (Pamela Angela) site is (was) actually on our land, so we are well across the issues.

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Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen
National Road Transport Hall of Fame … UNFAIR ADVANTAGES????? If I was on Facebook I would say LOL LOL WTF LOL!
I hereby formally request a meeting with this “GROUP” because if they have this fact wrong then what else have they got wrong.
We have volunteers stay on site and we charge them “HOURS OF WORK” not money.
They are NOT tourists they are retired road transport industry people who do not come to town as tourists but to work at the museum and help build the tourism industry.
They actually contribute quite significantly to the town while they are here. This is the most successful community based museum in Australia, it costs the tax payer and the ratepayer NIL, ZERO, ZILCH, NOTHING – except the land we occupy.
We have put $10m worth of assets onto it that we paid for OURSELVES.
Even though we also qualify, as a community based museum for council rates exemption, we choose to pay them.
This place GIVES to the town not TAKES. We’ll be putting at least another $10m into the town for tourism with our reunion this year with 1000 trucks and 10,000 people coming.
So, Samih, Tony and Paul – our museum is not in a slump but its not because we have “unfair advantages,” its because we get off our arses, don’t whinge about how tough times are, and we sell our product – ourselves – to our niche markets. AND WE DONT RUN A CARAVAN PARK OR HAVE UNFAIR ADVANTAGES.
If you ask me, it’s a pretty good legacy the trucking industry has put in Alice Springs – $1.3m upgrade from Kenworth just this year alone!
And you whinge about a retired truckie getting an “unfair advantage” because he stays here and cleans Kenworth trucks for free all day, because he loves the trucks and the museum! He wouldn’t be here if the museum wasn’t!
Come out for a coffee one day and I’ll show you how its done! You have my number.

Recent Comments by Liz Martin

‘Historic agreement to strengthen SA-NT bond’
I doubt it will ever be (and hope it doesnt happen Tony) but if we did integrate with SA to form a new state then Darwin should be the capital and Alice the third city. So much untapped potential with both.
Besides! Adelaide who?
Federal infrastructure and services should never be hampered by state boundaries. We have had a century and more of jurisdictional inefficiencies in transport, education and health just to name a few areas of concern. Collaboration and unity is the best outcome.
How about joining ranks with WA and Qld for the Outback Way, too?

Making the most of The Rock challenge
Re the comment: “Promotion of the women’s and the road transport halls of fame and Olive Pink Botanic Garden could lift their image and be useful to extend the season at either end.”
I am just wondering what “lift” our image means and how it relates to extending the season at either end.
The National Road Transport Hall of Fame has consistently operated contrary to downward trends in tourism. The last year was our best ever with a turnover of $1.7m, 30 additional trucks were added to the collection with a nett worth of $1m. Our visitor numbers are up there in the top three attractions and the other two are taxpayer funded or assisted.
Yes, we do tend to run our own race out here. We are self funded and community based and dont have a big advertising budget. We have had to think smart, work hard and be opportunistic and lateral in our approach.
While Alice Springs may not know much about us the transport industry on a global level certainly does.
That is our bread and butter and it flows on througout the town. Tourism is our cream and yes we see lots of challenges moving forward but me thinks a few businesses in town could take a leaf out of our book.

Tourism bonanza in final CLP year
In 21 years of operation the 2015/16 year was by far the best for the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in all sectors of our business, in some areas by 40%.
A turnover of $1.7m for a self funded community based museum with a staff of three is pretty amazing.
We attribute this to many things including our volunteer workforce, our small budget marketing strategy, the trucking industry and most certainly Government marketing which increased the self drive and grey nomad sectors which are our bread and butter.
By taking operators to prospective agents / visitors we started to get back that real characters of the Outback feel.
It made us personalities, not just a destination, and they want to come visit.
It is what we had lost from the Hey Hey days!
We do the same to a much lesser degree with the trucking industry.
I have to say we have always had a great relationship with both NT Government and Alice Springs Town Council, both of whom are very tourist orientated.
Thank you Tony Mayell and Adam Giles, you both always gave me an ear when I wanted one.

Aiming for an events led tourism recovery
Great to read Jamie’s enthusiasm for the town and especially on tourism.
Having had to the opportunity to chat to him about tourism (long before he put his hand up for council) I know his enthusiasm is genuine and well grounded.
I have always said we have the potential here to be the events capital of Australia. Where else can we get such a diverse mix as trucks, desert racing, indigenous arts and beanies all of which attract an international audience.
Good to see also that Jamie is going in with an open mind.
The 4Ps (Protocol, Policy, Process and Procedure) can indeed be frustrating especially if you come from a private enterprise background as I do.
I agree there is room for improvement in several sectors that continue to frustrate the community. It is hard (but not impossible) to do that without compromising stakeholder and community consultation.
I am sad to leave council and absolutely enjoyed my time there. However, I leave with a wider appreciation of what community is all about, the uniqueness of our man made and natural environments and the culture and diversity of our populations. There really is no-where else like it in the world!
To me it has always been about roads, rates and rubbish as the core business of council – that keeps us busy enough. However, each of those come under the massive umbrella commonly called “community”.
The current Mayor and Councillors do a great job under sometimes very difficult circumstances and it will be good to see them “bolstered with new blood”.
Council has a key role to play in the social and economic well-being of the broader community. This is intrinsically linked to how council manages roads rates and rubbish.
The work council does behind the scenes is often thankless but truly commendable; particularly with community events, the arts, social services and their provision, sporting activities, youth and senior issues and the lobbying of all levels of government on all manner of issues.
I commend Jamie for taking a stand for the town and its future and know he calls Alice “home”. For that alone he will excel. I also congratulate the other candidates for putting their hands up – its all about diversity and representation of all sectors of the community so I wish you all well.
I look forward to reading all your profiles as we near election day. I am available if any would like a chat notwithstanding the confidential stuff!
And Yes, the complexities of confidential section will open the eyes of any new councillor – it certainly did mine.
As an old ex-councillor friend (from Darwin), once told me, being on council is like working a five step program …
1 x W – Well-being (of the community).
2 x Cs – Commitment and Consultation.
3 x Rs – Roads Rates and Rubbish.
4 x Ps – Protocol, Policy, Process and Procedure.
5 x Fs – Facilities, Faculties, Fun and Forethought for the – Future.

Gap pedestrian crossing to go
I too am thankful that this controversial and dangerous pedestrian crossing will FINALLY be removed. If we end up wasting $400k and save the lives of a few kids then so be it.
My biggest concern from day one has been that small, and not so small children jump through the safety rails straight onto the road and into the traffic. Despite my many requests to have the roadside railing meshed or pool-fenced for safety no-one really gave it any serious thought. However, the best outcome is that it will now be going.
My other concerns were also the danger created by drinkers milling in the area and the difficulty faced by heavy vehicles and indeed all road users. I personally was involved in several close calls. Congrats Peter Styles for getting rid of it. This is Australia’s No #1 Highway, surely an overpass would have cut it better.
Now, let’s call for a full traffic management study plan in this area. It is a crucial access point to our town (power, water, gas, road, rail, pedestrians etc) and there are a myriad of other issues that have to be addressed in conjunction with each other – not as stand alone matters as this crossing was. I cannot believe we made the causeway one way with black spot funding and immediately followed up with other infrastructure intrinsically as dangerous.
A full traffic management study would need to start at the roundabout and continue down past Ilparpa Road and perhaps beyond.
We have problems with pedestrians using the bus stops from the temp accommodation and Old Timers, we have trouble with pedestrian crossing the road and crossing the Ghan Line to get to bus-stops. We have problems with pedestrians using the Todd River, the footpath, the causeway and even the railway track inappropriately.
We have confusion with speed limits. We have traffic stopping to view the Ghan and to photograph our beautiful river, we have potential bottlenecking as the south of the Gap grows.
To hell with the money. Irrespective of what your political persuasion is or personal thoughts on THIS particular crossing we need to be calling for a FULL traffic management study and in this area.

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