Spot on Melanie Ross! …

Comment on Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen by Concerned Local.

Spot on Melanie Ross!

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Blockies fight planning bid: Town could be next
My Husband and I have been considering buying a property in a rural area, in fact we looked at a house on Petrick Road last week!
People buy rural properties to have peace and quiet – not to have a noisy eyesore living next door.
All these people are doing is trying to save their $$ by running their business from their property instead of buying a block of land in an industrial area! The NTG needs to do something about this, enough is enough!

CAALAS: Questions about travel money, credit card
Who is now on the board? Unfortunately I missed the AGM as I was out of town and wasn’t allowed to submit a proxy vote!

Legal aid funding cuts ‘false economy’
What great question. Interested – I am wondering the same because as far as I am aware you are not allowed to pay “sitting fees” using government funds.

Patricia Miller accepts retirement as of two days ago
Interesting isn’t it Harry – I wonder what qualifications these board members have to oversee such an organisation.
The only way forward is to adopt a skills based board (not a pension topping up board).
We all know it’s a far too familiar story with all Aboriginal organisations and until it stops we will continue to see serious mismanagement throughout many Aboriginal organisations. It’s quite sad really.
Locals, when you go to vote at the AGM vote for someone for their skills and qualifications and commitment to the Aboriginal community, not because they begged you to vote for them.

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