Erwin get your facts right. I did not bring up …

Comment on Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen by Darren Burton.

Erwin get your facts right. I did not bring up the Transport Hall of Fame personally is that true?

Darren Burton Also Commented

Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen
Well seems caring about Alice wanting to see change and trying to generate conversation is taboo on this site.
Trolls and people who wish to hide behind their keyboards have nothing better to do than tear you apart online, push their own agendas and be nasty.
For these reasons I avoid the internet and prefer to talk face to face. We were trying to get a group of Alice Springs residents together to discuss how we can all help to move this great town forward.
This was not aimed at businessmen as the heading stated but to all people of Alice Springs and all topics.
For too long the voice of the minority has howled down the wishes of the majority, and that needs to change.
I do own businesses, play sport and live in Alice.
I was born here and will probably die here but while I’m living in Alice I would like to see Alice prosper and grow.
I apologise to Liz.
I personally never spoke of the Transport Hall of Fame only the Blatherskite Park competing with local businesses. I believe money should be committed by the NT Government to prevent this happening.
Yesterday I went out to see Liz and was told she was unavailable to speak to me and I left my card. I hoped that more people would be interested in a lobby group to push local, state and federal governments to find solutions to problems in our town.
There will be an open letter to the press from the group to gauge interest before moving forward.
Ps.: Lou Hayes – is there a need for you to insult people? I hope to see you at the meeting.

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Water for growth doubted in govt draft
How about we put a dam back up for discussion? It seems such a waste every time it rains.

Burn, not bury rubbish: Incinerator plan
I didn’t wish to be drawn to discussing this topic online.
To Ms Ross: I have spent close to year putting this proposal through the correct channels, costing me time and money.
As I was born in Alice and have invested in businesses and property in my home Alice Springs I find it insulting that it is thought I would not take this opportunity to build a facility that meet all EPA and work health guidelines and rules.
I have been working closely with EPA lodging a notice of intent, also meeting in person with the EPA board in Darwin.
The information supplied about the incinerator 3T was to show the type of incinerator we would be installing.
We are still talking with manufacturers of the size and type of unit that best fits our needs and meets all requirements of the EPA.
The development will be as green as possible, generating our own power, using rainwater and only clearing part of the block being used.
So far as storage and handling of waste are concerned, this modern facility would meet all guidelines.
The facility is for the destruction of wastes that can’t be recycled or buried in a landfill.
I hope this has answered some of the questions and statements put forward. There is a need for this development and I will work with the relevant authorities to meet all their requirements.

Builders’ insurance review still on the wrong track
As a member of the builders collective I was present at the reviews release at Deloittes office. I am a licenced builder and a local who has invested heavily in Alice Springs and its future.
The residential insurance fund that is now in place was a knee-jerk reaction to a couple of bad builders in the Northern Territory by a few public servants who failed to enforce previous building regulations. The old TIO Fund was working fine.
It needed to be updated and fees needed to be increased but it was there to protect builders and owners alike, it needed an extra policy attached to protect against builders going broke, leaving the job or if they die.
The new fund and the old fund would not of helped with the Cary debacle as he was a bankrupt and dishonest person who should not have had a licence if the Builders Licencing Board had done their job.
The fund now makes it impossible for young builders to make a start and the older builders don’t wish to risk their assets (often their home) now and in the future to go to work each day.
Most builders are mums and dads and need clarity and insurance cover to go to work each day.
Builders live in this great community and need the same protection given to home builders and not to be tarred with the same brush as a few dishonest people who had no interest in the building industry – only to act in their own interests.

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