Native Title and corporation land ownership does not equate to …

Comment on In the bush, the Age of Entitlement meets the Asset Test by Nicole Coleman.

Native Title and corporation land ownership does not equate to personal assets.
The land cannot be borrowed against on a personal / family level.
There are a multitude of complex reasons that Native Title exists – some say it goes too far, some say not far enough, but regardless, there is no denying that personal wealth and wellbeing outcomes for Indigenous Territorians are statistically very low.
Suggesting that Native Title lands be mandatorily utilised for mining / pastoral uses negates the whole purpose of Native Title – that Indigenous communities can have management over their traditional lands.
To some communities, mining and pastoral uses runs antithetically to traditional land uses, to some it doesn’t.
But do we really want to go back down the path of mandating land use where shared land agreements don’t already exist, and where Native Title has not been extinguished? That feels like a step away from self determination to me.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor