Some unhappy campers Liz Martin. [Road Transport Hall of Fame.] CONGRATULATIONS… YOU …

Comment on 4th Finke triumph for Rentsch, 40th for volunteers by Robert.

Some unhappy campers
Liz Martin. [Road Transport Hall of Fame.]
Following an emergency meeting of the Road Transport Historical Society Inc. Board of Management this morning, instigated by physical threats of violence to our volunteers, it has been decided that having the Finke Desert Race and the campers on our land is not worth the danger, trauma or the damage and will be stopped forthwith at the end of this event.
Special thank you to all those who do the right thing. We have tried every avenue to NOT have to do this but the time has finally come. Last year I had death threats and people threaten to put their dogs on me.
This year we decided to try the non confrontational approach and didn’t advertise or put notices on facebook but dealt with individual campers.
Of course, we’ve have had the usual keyboard warriors (little boys who hide behind a big keyboard), verbal abuse and personal threats (including a headbutts and stone throwing) to my senior volunteers and to me, the usual filth, pallets, toilets and crap.
We have drunks driving up and down our road with small children on bikes on the same road, people lighting fireworks when we have a strict no fire works policy, digging up the railway line and burning our sleepers. That’s a heritage line!
To avoid the breathalysers the drunks are using our road as a race track!
Thank you also to the clever “legal eagles” from town who took it upon themselves to tell all the campers around them that I had NO rights on MY land and not to pay.
I have your name and workplaces and a tresspass order is on its way to you special people who place yourselves above the law!
A footy club whose drunken games nearly ended up with a competitor running over a camper who “fell” onto the road. We even had a group this year come into the museum, refuse to pay, and abuse my staff … well enough is enough!
Again I reiterate thank you to the people who do the right thing. It is you who give me the incentive to even try for a resolution.
On your way back – call in and thank the idiots camping along the Old Ghan Line or get on here and thank the keyboard cowboys who think they can control what is not theirs.
Because finally, FINALLY … they have stuffed it for everybody. Those who know me know I don’t say things I don’t mean. I haven’t had a good blue for a while and its now … game on!
So, NT Government and Finke Committee, you take the land and manage the risk, duty of care, liability and idiots yourself … or you fence the idiots out of our land completely … Or you run the race down the main road and don’t use our land other than the first crossing of the line.
We can fence that bit and you can put security and cops there because when I say its OVER I mean its OVER.
Ban camping for the first 30 kilometers – or employ some-one to manage them! It usually costs us $10 grand to clean up after the slobs – that’s what the $10 fee is for!
My Board are flying back in on 12 /13 July with our solicitor and we want a meeting with all stakeholders to sort this out.
What a pity such a small group of disrespectful ungrateful loudmouthed fools can stuff a major event so crucial and vital to our town’s social and economical well-being!

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