Doubts mount about proposed transport hub


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The planned transport hub and business centre in Whittaker Street has met with mixed reviews from traders in the Central Business District.


Simon Reu (at right), owner of Lone Dingo in Todd Mall, says the complex would have “a negative impact” on the CBD.


He suggests the government should utilise the infrastructure there and “develop what we already have”.


But Daniel York (at left), of Eddy’s Ice Cream, argues: “If it’s going to do the town better then it’s a good thing.”


Both Mr York and Mr Reu report that business is steady. However, the past five years has seen a slight decline on Todd Mall.


Councillor Steve Brown says: “Of course [the complex] would be a great asset to the community. Commerce goes where commerce goes, it’s a competitive game.”


However, manager of Phone a Flower Kate Ryan argues the project simply “won’t happen”.


She says: “I don’t think the population is big enough to warrant another commercial centre.”


Terri Coccetti, of Beauty on the Mall, thinks the complex would be another “white elephant”.


She says: “If the Northern Territory Government were looking to spend taxpayers’ money perhaps they should open up opportunities for first time business operators.”


She says that could be done by offering support similar to that given to first home buyers.



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  1. Bob Durnan
    Posted July 4, 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Three of the four young business owners here exhibit more business acumen and insight than Mr Brown. Terri Coccetti makes a valid point when she observes that there is a strong possibility that a new commercial complex associated with the proposed transport hub would be simply another “white elephant”.
    Ms Coccetti makes another important point when she says that the Northern Territory Government would be much better advised to open up opportunities for first time business operators, and offer them support similar to that given to first home buyers, instead of wasting scarce tax payer funds on very expensive white elephants that mainly benefit themselves and their mates.

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