How many times does Robyn Lambley have to be publicly …

Comment on ‘Scrapping’ seat would sell out regions: Lambley by Roger W Milller.

How many times does Robyn Lambley have to be publicly derided by the CLP government before she just crosses the floor and stands as an independent?
And I mean now! Not later.
She insisted that she was to be treasurer and, deputy CM, so, Terry Mills gave her that, along with the 1st Horror budget whist he and Van Holthe and Chandler went for a Very Important trip to Indonesia and left her totally alone for the wolves.
Later the ‘Boys’ were pictured feeding cattle at the Indonesian President’s cattle farm. Since then it has been downhill for the Member for Araulen with the final straw being the Infamous Palmerston White Elephant Hospital.
Now they intend to give the Bum’s Rush.

Recent Comments by Roger W Milller

Court does not challenge “broader water allocation policy”
Ever the “Artful Dodger” the Member for Katherine claims it is only a minor setback in the process and now he just needs to find a way around it to achieve his goal.
No mention of the ruling being a safeguard to prevent fracking contamination of the Tindal Aquifier.

Council seeks armed forces support in war against fracking
Mr Francais is spot on with his comment “NT Government will ignore local residents”.
Not only locals but All residents of the NT for more than a year. Despite making public comment available it has only been a lip service and concludes as always with “Everyone has had a say and now this is what is going to happen.
The Katherine Town Council is definitely to be commended for appealing to the defence department to assist in the effort to protect the life blood of Katherine.
I for one will be echoing the council’s call for a moratorium.

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