Lovely piece of art by one of our great “local” …

Comment on Can public art policy deliver common sense? by Maya.

Lovely piece of art by one of our great “local” artists, Dan Murphy, but wrong place.
I was to be told “But it is there … look, there, in the middle” OH and I was made to suddenly slow down and cause a triple accident involving a pedestrian crossing and the car behind me.
Same with another piece of art located where locals and tourists alike have no chance to admire, I mean the budgerigars at the airport (by Pip and Pam), or the mural behind Coles as shoppers go to Coles but they seldom go behind it.
As for the “rejuvenated” Mall, the artistic features mentioned by Kieran in her article of January 2014, are lost to the passer by who wishes to meet some human warmth and activity rather than a bench too cold in winter and too hot in summer or some invisible metallic moths flattering in the sun or under the street lights.
Some 18 months later, the rainwater reflection pan, with or without a plaque in its center, doesn’t attract the attention of any visiting person who has no idea what this low depression may represent. We do have the artists, but sorry we have a council with no commonsense.

Recent Comments by Maya

Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
Years ago, possibly between 1986 and 1992, I often went there with my old mother, just to have a little walk in a very pretty place, special trees, and observe the rock painting there. No, we were not stopped by any security guard or AFP. But things are changing fast in Alice Springs and around, and not for the better.
THEY (whoever they are!) see the enemy everywhere, when people are still genuinely minding their own business without any “negative” intentions.

A change in Lingiari? History holds some clues.
Seems there is confusion between NT Government and a Federal seat: Gunner is NT, but a vote for Snowdon is for Shorten in Canberra. Not much choice in Lingiari if you think Federally.

Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system
Well done! Sorry I couldn’t attend. This was serious fun or rather fun to understand serious matters.

Gallery swap: Aborigines second in pecking order
This nonsense is a political joke, a silent arm wrestling game between Micheal Gunner and Damien Ryan.
Now they talk of a swap: if we cannot demolish Anzac High let’s demolish the pleasant and functional civic centre and its public library.
But some demolition will have to take place; for what? For the revival of the economy and its CBD. National Aboriginal Art gallery has lost its prime focus. Shame.

Save Anzac Hill High School: National Trust
Systematic demolition seems to be the order of the day for the NT Government: First Anzac Oval now saved, then the old buildings and layout of the former Anzac Hill High School still under hot discussion, and now (the latest in its follies) the possible demolition of our civic centre, the best building in town and only recently upgraded with its fantastic public library. Is this a Gunnermania? Is there a cure to this disease?
The historical heritage of our town, strategically located at the centre of a vast continent, is what makes us stay here. It is what makes our tourist industry thrive.
More demolition and nothing would be left to attract permanent residents or visitors.
Not even the illusion of a National Aboriginal Art Gallery.

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